puff pastry with pumpkin bacon and cheese
easily fast tasty suggestion for your breakfast without the need for great culinary skills

Without a word, I begin the explanation of a tasty recipe of puff pastry with pumpkin bacon and cheese.

Until recently we ate only in a sweet version, but for a while I put in soups, baked with potatoes (a little bit). Some time ago in a blog I saw this great offer of pumpkin and blue cheese.

And my friend’s pumpkin medal only speeded up their preparation – I changed the filling to my taste and these great baskets came from a bottle.

This is my pumpkin sequel to the game


delicious recipe from a bowl of pumpkin bacon and cheese
delicious recipe from a bowl of pumpkin bacon and cheese

1 bucket pack (of the big ones)
500 g cleaned pumpkin
7-8 stalks of green onions
250-300 g smoked bacon
150 g of cheese
150 g of blue cheese
50 g of smoked cheese (or at least 300 grams of optional cheese)
of these products come out 12 pieces.

Preparation of recipe

* Clean the pumpkin in small cubes – eg 1/1 cm.
* Bean is cut into cubes as the pumpkin and fry for 2-3 minutes in a dry pan.
* With a tablespoon, remove it in a plate and put the pumpkin cubes in the fat and fry for 6-7 minutes (under the lid)
* Return the bacon, add the finely chopped green onion, stir 2-3 times and remove from the hot plate.
* Add grated cheese and the other cut into cubes. Gets mixed.
* The dough is cut into circles, size is optional – mine are 14-16 cm.
* At each circle the edges are cut to the inside – approx. 3cm. inward, here is shown how.
* Each round is smeared with water before it is placed on the stuffing to allow the edges to collapse and do not dissolve when baking.
* Place 1 full spoonful of stuffing in the middle of the circle.
* Catch the edges and gather towards the center, pressing gently with a hand.
* Finished baskets are placed on baking paper.
* Bake in a heated oven of 200 * – on a medium grill – until redness – to me about 15 min.