Taste and flavor of food
Taste and flavor of food according to the natural resources of a country

Taste and flavor of food according to the natural resources of a country. Wheat noodles is admirable, but cup noodles cooked quickly from the vending machine is disgusting. But advertising of this noodle denies the notion of evil and taste, and for many people this unattractive noodles turns inexplicably delicious. There is a story about how some people cheated by the fox ate horse manure.

There is nothing funny. People nowadays eat with your mind, not your body. Many people do not care about this, is there sodium glutamate in their food or not, but they could smell only the end of the language, so it is easy to be deceived.

In the beginning people were yaldeli just to live, and because the food was delicious. Modern people have come to the idea that if you do not cook with spices, it will be tasteless. If you are not trying to make the food delicious, you will find that nature itself has already done so.

Above all, it must live in such a way that the food itself have good taste, but today all efforts are directed at, to make the food tasty. People tend to give a nice taste of bread – and good bread disappears. In trying to create a rich, sumptuous food they make useless food and everything that can not satisfy their appetite. The best method for cooking lies in the fact, to preserve its natural fine aroma.

Worldly wisdom since ancient times has taught people to do different kinds of vegetables, sun dried, salted, broken etc., Which keeps the natural taste of vegetables. The art of food preparation begins with the salt and fire. If food is cooked by those who understand the basics of the art of cooking, it retains its natural flavor.

art of food preparation
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If cooked food be strange and exotic, if the purpose of such preparation is simply to deliver the pleasure that is false cooking art. Usually they think that culture is something created, maintained and developed only with human effort. But the culture usually occurs in the partnership of man and nature.

Where took place the unity of human society and nature, culture accepts a form. Culture has always been closely linked to daily life and thus is passed on to future generations and has been preserved to the present days. What is born of human pride and the need for enjoyment can not be considered a genuine culture.

True culture is born in nature, it is simple, modest and clean; depriving of true culture, humanity will disappear. When people give up their natural food and instead start using purified food, then society has the path to his own destruction. This is because such food is not a product of true culture.