sweet diets
few sweet diets for anyone who wants to lose weight

We offer to your attention a few sweet diets for anyone who wants to lose weight. These healthy diets are recommended, not mandatory.

Chocolate diet

It is very strict and provides the consumption of only a hundred grams of chocolate a day, which is natural. Chocolate is divided into three parts, with two meals accompanied by a cup of coffee with a little skimmed milk. Tea and water are allowed three hours after a meal and should be no less than one and a half hours a day. The diet is kept for not more than four days for which four kilograms are lost. More choosy about the body are the chocolate dump days that are done once a week.

Candy diet

It allows the consumption of 80 grams of candy per day. When the hunger becomes unbearable, the candy cheats the brain that gets food. A healthier version of the diet provides for complete nutrition up to seventeen hours and then – a candy consumption with an acute feeling of hunger.

Sweet diets for anyone
all diets have a recommended character

Banana diet

The banana diet provides three bananas a day, each of which goes with one cup of fresh milk. It is not observed for more than three days and three kilos are lost for that time. Anyone who does not like fresh milk can replace it with yogurt.

Diet with grapes

This diet provides for the consumption of grapes for three days. On the first day, half a pound of grapes are eaten, the second one is one and a half pounds, the third one is two kilograms. The daily portion is divided into five parts and this helps to lose two kilograms in three days. Do not forget to give your body enough fluids.

Honey diet

The honey diet is not limited to the consumption of honey. Just one teaspoon of honey is added to each meal, allowing the consumption of dairy products, citrus fruits, pickled fruits. In two weeks, you can lose two pounds. Before you are on a diet, you should consult a doctor to avoid harm to your health. Do not forget to saturate your body with vitamins and minerals.

After your diet, do not go back to your old diet, because it has been the cause of the extra pounds. Carefully select your diet the day after the diet – orient yourself in chicken, fruit, vegetables and yoghurt.