Sushi for amateurs
Sushi for amateurs or how to impress loved ones with culinary skills and knowledge

Sushi for amateurs or how to impress loved ones with culinary skills and knowledge. Always impressed seeing sushi rolls. Only respect me. With tenderness and perfect cut. So much that I gathered rice vinegar, peel and rice for sushi.
The most important products for making sushi is fish and vegetables, but they are secondary.
So all these vinegar, peel and rice matured over the years, thinking that would not handle as everywhere writes how difficult, how tricky, what specifically is making sushi.
I will not argue, but the man who filled olives them the fair could hardly be afraid of some its sushi, right.
So and so is the title – anyone can do as long as you have a basic top products. And desire. Quite amateur, but should not be deprived of the pleasure to eat small rolls of rice and fish.
For some time my older children suggests that long not eat sushi;
Last week we were with them in an open sushi bar and we did not like dry rice;
And smoked fish proved that we have free time I got here and our sushi a complete amateur, but we can say all three, it is more delicious than the master of sushi, which we tried.
The internet is full of video recipes on how to prepare. And the types of sushi, but my proved dwindled to two types – maki sushi and maki hurray. But I have read recipes and Kate that I was much more useful than video.
So – we arm ourselves with the most important products:
sheets of nori and rice for sushi
smoked fish (herring and salmon here) and crab rolls (ie surimi) Fresh raw fish is rare here, so I’ll pass it up.
not so important but still needed are:
vegetables – cucumber, carrot
cream cheese – it is horseradish
soy sauce, wasabi paste

Uramaki sushi
Sushi for amateurs, different cooking techniques for preparing sushi necessary products for cooking sushi

rice vinegar, sugar, salt
white and black sesame
Pickled ginger is an integral part of sushi, but since we are not in very good terms with negoprosto miss it.
mat for waving, which can be bamboo mat meal sold in stores for household goods. And to be used repeatedly – fresh piece of foil on it.
And the most important instrument to eat sushi is a sharp knife . Seriously we’m very, very sharp knife we ​​need here.
First we prepare sushi rice as it needs to cool completely. For my 4 large rolls it took 250 years rice
Making sushi rice (themselves packaging says it is sushi – it is more sticky than the known types of rice)
* Rice is washed under running water until no run white water and drain. It gets cooked according to package directions – 1 part rice, 2 parts water. For about 15 minutes. Is ready, remove from heat and leave the lid tight on another 10 minutes.
* Warm rice vinegar (80ml.), 2 tablespoons sugar and a pinch of salt until the sugar is melted.
* Spray up the cold rice with this mixture and gently stir. It should be snow and loose – chapped appearance and quite cold.
When the rice we already cold and ready, we start shaping rolls:
Maki sushi:
* On the pad (littered with fresh piece of foil) put a sheet of nori with the rough side up.
* On it with wet hands Spread the rice in a thin, equally thick layer. From opposite ends of the tray was allowed 1 cm. Peel rice.
* Arrange sliced ​​into thin julienne vegetables, fish, avocados. On one roll and I smeared cream cheese, and it entered into the documentation with crab rolls.
* Roll along with the pad, and each turn is pressed well to blind and harden, but the film backing is pulled gently forward to not stay in rolls retractable dish and it is desirable to eat freshly prepared – the same day as leaving them in the refrigerator, rice stains from skin and discolor.
* Rolls thus obtained are cut with a sharp knife (he of which mentioned above), which is wetted with water each cut; and then cutting knife wiped good or washed to no residues of sticky rice on it.
Here master tasting edges, immersing them lightly in soy sauce and wasabi tip of the match 🙂 pungent it can safely be omitted. But then what might remain of sushi- pleasure
Incidentally, here I have a salad with rice and fish that long and do call it a big mess sushi. But there I focus on fish
In our next plans are to make sushi with omelette inside and nigiri sushi – rice ball with fish on top 🙂 but when arrange with real fresh salmon 🙂 is not difficult to reach that retailer …..
* Prepare as maki sushi, but with rice outside.
* On the pad spread sheet nori and cover the entire surface with rice. Sprinkle with sesame seeds.
* On rice spread fresh piece of foil and use it with the bark turns so that rice remain bottom.
* On bark ranks desired stuffing (and I smeared with cream cheese crust) and rolled up.