Sweet Chocolate Cake
Super Sweet Chocolate Cake prepared in an old Italian recipe

Super Sweet Chocolate Cake prepared in an old Italian recipe. Cream between swamps is interesting. It’s done in three parts. Part one: Caramel the sugar (150 g), add fresh milk (200 g) and ground walnuts (250 g).
Part Two: Cough butter (200 g) and powdered sugar (100 g) are broken. Gently mix (spoonfuls) the two parts. Part Three: Blend proteins (5) in a water bath and add sugar (150 g) and lemon juice. While still warm, mix (spoonfuls) with the front two pieces.

Finally, it is to wait for the cream to cool down and to smear ready-made cups. They are lightly syruped with compote juice. The glaze is melted in a 200-gallon chocolate coat. Here is another version of a super sweet cake with lots of chocolate.

Swamp Products:
5 eggs, 100 g of sugar,

I called Cake FERRERO ROCHER, it’s easy to cook as long as you follow my instructions

150 g roasted ground hazelnuts
3 tbsp cocoa, 2 tbsp flour, 2 tbsp corn starch, 1 tbsp baler.
Cream products:
200 g of soft cow butter
100 g of black chocolate
100 g of milk chocolate
200 g of liquid chocolate with hazelnuts
100 g mini wafers with hazelnut cream
12 FERRERO ROCHER candy for decoration
Ginseng products:
100 g of black chocolate, 50 g of milk chocolate, 25 g butter butter, 60 ml of liquid pastry cream.
Preparation of swamps:
The eggs are broken together with the foam of sugar. Mix the flour, baking powder, corn starch, cocoa and finely chopped hazelnuts in the bowl. Everything is messing up well. The dry mixture is added to the eggs and mixed gently with a spatula. The mixture is divided into three equal parts. Place one part in a baking mold with a diameter of 26 cm, pre-filled with baking paper. Swamps bake at 180 degrees for about 7-8 minutes.
In this way the other two swamps are bled.
The mixture can be baked on one occasion, and then the marsh is cut into three, but I and other times have shared that baking marshes is easier for me. Swamps can also be tanned in a smaller size, thus making the cake higher. Preparation of Cream:

The two types of chocolate are melted in a water bath. The cow oil is broken down with a mixer. Chilled chocolate is gradually added to it. When the mixture becomes homogeneous, liquid chocolate is also added at room temperature.
Stir to uniformity.

Chocolate Cake
Chocolate Cake because there is a lot of chocolate and hazelnuts

Assembling the Cake:

Place an opening ring on a tray. In it, put one blaze covered with a little cream, top crush with 1/2 hands of wafers, cover cream. Place the second bladder, cream, wafer, cream and end with the third bladder. Place the cake on a cold to fit. You should leave a little of the cream on the cake board. Cream is not so rare, so the cake can be assembled without a ring. Preparation of the garnish:

The chocolate is cut off, cow’s butter is added and melted in a water bath. Pour the cream and stir until homogeneous. Gansa must be relatively liquid so it can spill over the cake. If you think that the ganache is not enough, add some more cream. The cake is released from the ring. Paste it with the remaining cream.

The board is covered with a confectionary comb. From above, pour over the warm ganash, trying to get the ganaha to the side. The cake is adorned with FERRERO ROCHER candies, placed before garnish. Sweets can buy them ready, and you can make them like me. I’ve been studying a lot of recipes for this sophisticated chocolate cake, but I finally stopped at the recipe of a very stylish lady. Thank you for the wonderful recipe!