Sunflower seeds nutritional content
Sunflower seeds nutritional content to improve the nutritional balance in the body and delivery of vitamin D

Sunflower seeds nutritional content to improve the nutritional balance in the body and delivery of vitamin D. Initially, the sunflower was considered an ornamental plant and for the benefit of Europeans seeds his long buried in obscurity. Sunflowers adorned gardens and parks.

According to legend, a peasant from Russia decided to make oil from sunflower seeds using a manual press. In the late nineteenth century this delicious and inexpensive product has become a favorite not only in Europe but also in America. Sunflower seeds are a truly unique product of nature.

Their biological value higher than that of eggs and meat, so does the body processes them in times faster than the products of animal origin. Vitamin D contains many more sunflower seeds than in the liver of cod, which has always been considered the most abundant source of this precious substance.

Who regularly eat sunflower seeds helps your skin look radiant, improves the digestive balance of the body and mucous membranes. Sunflower seeds contain many essential amino acids that ensure proper exchange of body fat.

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Sunflower seeds nutritional content of ways to use the raw seeds in recipes

Furthermore, they contain many unsaturated fatty acids – linoleic, palmitic, oleic, stearic, arachidic and others. Some of them are not synthesized in the human body but are more valuable than some vitamins. Without unsaturated fatty acids cell membranes and nerve fibers are very fragile and easily destroyed.

This also accumulates excess cholesterol, which contributes to the development of atherosclerosis and increased risk of myocardial infarction. Of minerals in sunflower seeds are the most significant phosphorus and potassium, but also magnesium is very necessary for the work of the heart.

In the seeds of yellow flower has a lot of selenium, zinc, sodium, silicon, chromium, copper, cobalt, iron and whatnot. It only ’50 seeds daily to be satisfied daily norm of vitamin E, the body of an adult. Unfortunately sunflower seeds are also very calorie – 100 g contains 700 calories.

Unpeeled seeds can retain valuable substances for a long time, because the scales protect them from harmful influences. Do not buy shelled seeds, because they oxidize fat, which is very harmful.