beautiful facial skin and suitable food
Suitable food for beautiful facial skin and radiant tan

Suitable food for beautiful facial skin and radiant tan. Five steps for beautiful face skin. Little tips for radiant tan. What moisturizing daily face cream for dry skin wrinkles do you use? Most likely, each of you has asked this question to your girlfriends because we do not stop searching for the best.

Every woman takes daily care to keep her skin healthy and smooth, with no spots, wrinkles, acne and dark circles because she wants to look good We know that genes bear the primary responsibility for our health, but we can slow down the process of aging, following a few simple and simple rules.

five steps for beautiful skin. When we see a woman who looks good with a fresh and youthful radiance at 60 +, we admire and wish we feel beautiful at that age. For this purpose, we need to take adequate care of the skin of the body and face from an early age.

We need to be stubborn and permanent to look good in the future. The care we place every day for our own inner and inner beauty are an invaluable investment. I’m going to share a few simple radiant rules.

Facial skin care in the age range of 30-40 years.

This is a period in which we are in the bloom of our strength, we lead a dynamic way of life, the dream never arrives, we go to bed late, the leisure time or the thought of relaxation for us is a luxury. This should not serve as an excuse for us to make a makeup.

perfect facial skin
Suitable food for beautiful facial skin and clean morning and evening

It takes only a desire to spend 5-10 minutes in the morning and evening to clean the face. This is a must for radiant skin. Here comes a great arsenal of toilet milk, cleansing gels, lotions, thermal, natural or mycelial waters, humor.

Choose natural cosmetic products that match the skin type. There are already many Bulgarian companies that produce quality Bulgarian cosmetics that do not weigh on our budget.

Hydra each day

After thoroughly cleaning the face, apply the right amount of day or night face cream. You can also combine with face serum. It is advisable not to miss this step because dry skin is prone to faster wrinkle formation.

Taking care of regular deep hydration and nourishment, you keep your skin supple, fresh and toned. Do not miss a morning face cream that has a sunscreen factor. Use a higher UV protection factor during the summer months and high in the mountains.

If you apply every day a day cream with gold particles you will not only provide your skin with important minerals and vitamins but also UVA and UVB protection with a factor of 30.