Sturgeon useful properties and culinary applications. Among freshwater fish, sturgeon occupies a special place because its meat has the status of a delicacy. It is really popular, which is why poaching is so prevalent that it has brought the fish to the brink of extinction.

What is in the composition of sturgeon

Meat that makes it so popular among thousands of species of fish? Sturgeon is literally loaded with a whole arsenal of useful and vital substances. Among them are polyunsaturated fatty acids, especially omega-3, which prevent cardiovascular disease and ensure proper functioning of joints, muscles, good condition of hair and nails.

Sturgeon healthy food
Sturgeon useful properties, preferred healthy food for longevity.

The minerals and vitamins in useful sturgeon are so diverse that they can affect all organs and systems in the body. According to nutritionists, the consumption of sturgeon caviar regulates blood pressure, improves metabolism, regenerates the skin. In addition, sturgeon ranks among the diet foods because it has very few calories, and the energy value is very high, because this food is very easy to digest.

Last but not least is the taste of sturgeon meat. It has a fleshy character due to the glutamic acid it contains, which is a flavor enhancer of natural origin.
Nutritional benefits of sturgeon is juicy, soft in taste and looks more like the meat of poultry than fish, pork or swordfish.

Sturgeon useful properties
Sturgeon useful properties

Its taste is spicy due to the content of glutamic acid, which gives the taste of fish meat. As a structure, it is solid and dense. Due to its characteristics, sturgeon meat requires culinary skills for cooking, because otherwise it becomes dry and tasteless.

In addition, if cooked incorrectly, sturgeon can be dangerous due to the ability of fish to accumulate toxic substances in their tissues. Pesticides and dioxins can cause serious damage to health. This excellent meat fish goes very well with vegetables of all kinds. The cereals sauces and can be served as a standalone dish.

The delicious sturgeon dish can be prepared stewed, baked in cream, with oven sauce. With lemons, cooked with vegetables and many other culinary masterpieces, for which it is necessary to follow the recipes with fish specialists, because frivolous experimentation with it rarely succeeds.

There are many recipes with sturgeon, the most emblematic are

  • sturgeon with potatoes;
  • sturgeon in a pan;
  • sturgeon in the oven;
  • Russian sturgeon dishes.