Stuffed pancakes appetizer
Stuffed pancakes appetizer standard way of cooking a great choice for cooking needed for seasoning stuffed pancakes, tasty appetizer

Stuffed pancakes appetizer was equally as delicious cold and warm. And whether appetizer or a lavish brunch is a matter of choice. Anyway, if you arrange them on a plate, as spreads and garnish each line separately and make the cake batter; Tie a bundle with the filler or to roll up our rolls and cut the stalks on. These here are stumps of pancakes 🙂 and were cold appetizer.

Make your pancakes in a standard way – as they like. I like them with yogurt, but do with fresh coconut and … slapdash. And the quantities of eggs is different every time. But it’s pancakes. Or prepare more for breakfast for our stay for an appetizer or entree specifically for your make pancakes. Naturally, their preparation simultaneously in two pan saves time by half.

A filling depends on what we love to eat salty pancakes – with cheese, mushrooms, vegetables, cheese, meat ……
In this case, a little bit of everything, but mainly mushrooms, largely oyster, which is very tender and tasty mushroom and which I discovered later as taste; a year ago.
The products are:
ready pancakes
cream cheese (with garlic and dill optional)

appetizer stuffed pancakes
Stuffed pancakes appetizer was equally as delicious cold and warm

green part of onions
mushrooms – oyster and mushroom
2 tablespoons oil, salt and pepper for strangling them
oregano / savory
And preparation is as follows:
* Mushrooms are cleaned, cut / tear and smothered in butter until soft.
* Sprinkle with pepper, salt and chopped green onions feathers.
* Stir and remove from heat, and the court is closed to stay warm.
* Ham cut into very tiny cubes.
* A pancake smeared thinly with chutney. Sprinkle with oregano or savory.
* On it with a second pancake that is smeared with cream cheese.
* Sprinkle with ham, distributed 2 tablespoons of mushrooms over the entire surface and grated cheese. The warmth of the mushrooms cheese melts immediately, but if not melted warm for a minute in the microwave or put a plate in the oven under the top wire, until melted cheese (not baked pancakes again.

* Screw on tight roll and leave so until cool cheese and tighten the entire filling in the pancake rolls.
There was thus prepared and the remaining pairs of pancakes. With a roll becomes too thin, but three – thick. So I choose to do them with two pancakes 🙂