Street Food Travel Guide that are healthy and useful for your digestion. What would you say if your beloved offered you a street food tour around the world? Personally I believe that tasting street food may be even more romantic than having a gorgeous meal in a fancy restaurant.  Well, what do you know about street food?
Here is the coolest places to taste street food from russian girls

Street Food in Hong Kong, China

The easiest way to see all the diversity of Hong Kong street food is to visit one of the Tempel Street markets in Yau-Ma-Tei, the Women’s Market in Tang-Choi Street and the one in Kowloon City. Here you can find different kinds of street foods: hot pots, fish curry balls and shish kebabs of tofu. The number of dee-pey-dongs, so called street vendors selling food, has decreased since the 1980s, when the rules of the street trading became strict.

However, the most famous noodle shops with a great variety of noodles and fillings still work. Recently, the Tim Ho Wan, a street food shop in  Sham Shui Po district, has received a special mark in the new release of the Michelin, a prestigious culinary guide. Besides, the Michelin evaluates    prestigious restaurants, so a street food shop is more like an exception.

Street food for girls
Street Food that are healthy and useful for your digestion

Street Food Rio de Janeiro, Brazil

Street food courts work all over the Rio: from the coast to the outskirts. Street vendors offer a wide range of snacks and ready meals. It is a must for tourists to try fish-potato croquettes, feijoadu (rice with beans and pork) and a variety of salted pretzels. Besides, there are many stands with drinks in Rio. The most popular is juice made of Acai berries. Sweets is another popular street food in Rio. You should try tapioca pancakes and churros with chocolate or caramel filling.

Street Food Paris, France

Although Paris is mainly associated  with sophisticated meals in some gorgeous restaurants, the Paris street food may also be exciting and romantic . Thus, the numerous Parisian pancakes – crêperie – with built-up pyramids of cans Nutella is a great temptation for passing-by couples. Legendary French crêpes are in the centre of street food in Paris. Thus, French street food is not worse than famous Italian street food

  1. Istanbul, Turkey

Now, what are street foods for Turkish? Streets of Istanbul are full of food stalls with dozens kinds of snacks. Among the most popular national Turkish dishes, you can taste on the streets of Istanbul, are kebabs (small shish-kebabs of mutton, beef or chicken on wooden sticks), dioner (meat fried on a vertical spit), lahmajun (Turkish pizza), pocket-shaped buns with sesame and various tasty things made of puff pastry.

The biggest number of street vendors is located in Karakoy, Ortakoy and Taksim districts. You can buy a sandwich with fish from sellers on one of the moored boats for three Turkish liras. Istanbul’s street trade is also famous for food stalls with fried corn and chestnuts.

  1. Marrakech, Morocco

Djemaa el-Fna, the main square illuminated with over 100 food shops at night, is the heart of the street gastronomic culture of Marrakech. Gourmets can taste a mutton head (Morocco traditional dish), and as well as fried eggplants and couscous dishes. Near the market you can also see snake charmers. Another key location for street food in Marrakech is Rue El Kassabin. Here you can try fried lamb, bean soup, snails and Moroccan macaroni.

  1. Fukuoka, Japan

Fukuoka is not considered to be a historically famous city. However, it is famous for its Japanese street food. There are about 150 mobile food stalls, called Yatai. They open late, when it’s dark outside, and disappear at a dawn. Yatai are scattered throughout the city, but the biggest number of Yatai are concentrated near the Tenjin station and in the southern part of the Nakasu Island.

Such stalls serve different national Japanese dishes: Tonkattsu (noodles with pork), Korean cod (spicy pollack), Hakata Gyosa (fried dumplings with cabbage and pork), Iwasi mintayiko (Japanese sardines stuffed with pollock), tempura (seafood and vegetables fried in pastry).

Have a bright and tasty trip!