role of strawberries help in folk medicine

The earliest maturing spring fruit on the territory of our country is strawberry – low-calorie fruit known for its taste qualities valuable due to the rich amount of vitamins and proven healing properties on the body. Due to the prevalence of strawberry is difficult to find her homeland According to historical records , it has fallen into Europe in the XVI century, when a French officer brought strawberries from Chile and gave them to the French king. I promised him that they would meet his mind with joy , your soul with love and will release his heart from suffering that led him to public affairs . The ancient Romans used strawberries against melancholy , seizures and kidney stones. The ancient Romans also knew the healing properties of strawberries .
Use them for symptoms of melancholy, anti-seizure , fever , inflammation, blood poisoning and kidney stones . Because heart-shaped fruit is considered a symbol of the goddess of love – Venus. Later , during the Middle Ages , the strawberry is considered a symbol of perfection. During this period , the strawberry is often used as a motif to decorate the cathedral , and master masons depicted her image on the stone pedestals of capital and altars . In folk medicine, the strawberries were a cure for wounds and eczema. In our in folk medicine the fruits are used as a remedy for skin irritation in minor wounds and eczema, as a mixture of crushed strawberries is applied on the affected area .
According to the story in the XVIII century French botanist Francois Frezier crossing two varieties of wild strawberries , resulting in a familiar nutty , meaty , heart-shaped fruit – strawberries . Today there are over 600 varieties of strawberries that differ in flavor, size, color and aroma. Low in calories makes them suitable for any meal , including the niskovaglehdratni diets. According to the nutritional values per 100 grams of fresh strawberries contains approximately 30 calories , 2.3 gr cellulose , 0.3 g fat , 0.6 grams of protein , 7 g carbohydrates , 0.4 mg . iron , 14 mg . calcium , 10 mg . Magnesium 27 mg . potassium and 19 mg . phosphorus. Strawberries are a rich source of vitamins B9 and B5, and in 100 g strawberries contains the recommended daily dose of vitamin C.

Strawberries reduce levels of bad cholesterol and triglycerides

Useful properties and strawberries help
Ten medicinal properties of strawberries

According to a study published in the magazine Journal of Nutritional Biochemistry, strawberries help decrease the level of total cholesterol, LDL and on triglycerides . The study was conducted with volunteers and within a month, every day, ate half a kilo of strawberries. After the end of the study blood tests were compared to the initial test . It turned out that the levels of total hlesterol were down 8.78 percent at worst – with 13.72% , and triglycerides – by 20.8 %.

Strawberries help in the treatment of skin diseases

Magazine Journal of Functional Foods published article of Japanese scientists in which it is shown that the strawberries are useful in the treatment of skin allergic reactions, have anti-inflammatory , antioxidant and anti-cancer effect . Akira Ivamato Kyushyu University and his colleagues conducted an experiment with mice suffering from a disease similar to atopic dermatitis in humans. For 14 weeks rodents injected with a preparation containing 18 milligrams of extract from strawberries.
Symptoms begin to subside in the 10th week , and scientists increase the dose of 32 mg to 14 weeks . At the end of the study , all mice in the symptoms have disappeared. The team explain the effect of the presence of the pectin contained in strawberry esentsiya.Chrez it suppresses the production of immunoglobulin and reduces hypersensitivity of the immune system . According to their research , strawberries are the main ingredient in creating anti-allergy products.