Healthy steam cooking, all about this method of cooking. Steaming is an extremely easy and useful way to prepare food. In recent years, this method has become increasingly popular, but the ancient Chinese have cooked it.

What is healthy steam cooking ?

Prepared in this way, the products retain all their valuable substances as they are treated only with the help of steam. They retain their mineral salts and do not absorb water. The use of fat is not necessary with this method, which in addition to being healthy, protects your kitchen from an obsessive odor. When we hear steam cooking, we associate it with adherence to special diets or prevention in some kind of illness, but this should not be the case.

Healthy steam cooking
Healthy steam cooking

It can easily become your daily routine as it is the only way to retain all the minerals and vitamins in your food. Almost all vegetables, meat, seafood and cereals can be steamed. There are also products that are not recommended to be treated in this way. These are the paste and the mushrooms. Usually, when cooking, most of the nutrients remain in the water. Steamed food facilitates the digestive tract and has an incredible aroma. Steaming does not require much investment.

All you need is a pot of water and a metal jug. Of course, there are also special pots and steamers that you can buy if you decide to start eating healthy. In order to preserve the most valuable ingredients and get the best taste, it is recommended to reduce the heat when the water is boiling. Low heat cooking is the best way to heat heat. It is important to know how many minutes each product takes to retain its useful substances.

If you keep steam for too long, it may still lose its valuable properties. The more inquisitive can find online tables that list the minutes that each product needs to be steamed. It is important to note that the cooking time is not the same as the cooking or baking time. Prepared in this way, food has as few calories as possible, so it is recommended by most nutritionists. According to them, steamed foods improve the health of nails, hair and skin, due to the fact that the products retain all the vitamins and minerals. If you need a quick and healthy change, feel free to start cooking your food this way, given the benefits of steam cooking above.

steam cooking
steam cooking, all about this method of cooking.

The method does not require additional time or investment, so you can improve your health easily if you wish. Few know that eating healthy depends not only on the products, but also on how the food is prepared. Roasting is bad, and roasting can sometimes take too long. Many products lose their useful qualities in their heat treatment. Is there a way to prepare food that is both healthy and economical and practical.

Steamed meals are delicious and dietary. They cook faster than other heat treatments and use less energy. Despite the advantages listed above, there are skeptics who say that this way of cooking makes the dishes whimsical and tasteless. Is that so, or does cooking your own steam have its subtleties? We will unveil the secret in this article. There are enough appliances on the market specifically designed for this purpose, but is it worth the money to buy them?

The answer is no, because we can adapt such a device entirely at home. Just take a deep saucepan, pour water into it, and place a metal grate or top on top. And now, you already have your own home-cooked steamer, and it’s free! When pouring water into a container, make sure that the distance from the surface of the water to the level of the products is approximately 3 cm. The choice of products is also important. You need to choose well ripe and no injuries.

An important detail is that when cooking steam, the taste of the products is sharpened, and if they are of poor quality, this will become apparent. That is why the taste is often mischievous and tasteless. Cutting is also very important – try to make them evenly sized. This way the food will be cooked evenly. This will save you the inconvenience of some products being left raw and others messy.