It’s relatively rare to find bread made from soy flour in stores, so it’s good to know a few interesting facts about it. Since soy is a plant with great popularity and use in Asia and much less in our country, that’s why soy flour products, like bread, are not well known to us. However, it is not bad to know that soy bread in the East is considered the most useful of all types of bread. It is no accident that it has been known in Korea since the 10th century BC.

soy flour bread

Another necessary explanation is that the term soy bread should be understood as several baked goods made from soy flour, milk or butter. Chemical composition and beneficial properties of soy bread The composition of soy flour bread depends on the ingredient soy, which is the basis for the production of the flour.

The flour contains a lot of fiber of vegetable origin, so it is the healthiest of all types of soy bread. Soy bread contains a lot of protein, fiber and unsaturated fatty acids. It contains all the essential fatty acids that are not produced by the human body, but we need them.

These include leucine, isoflavone, valine and tyrosine. It is also a gluten-free bread. Bread also contains complex polysaccharides that saturate and stimulate the work of the intestinal tract, normalize food processing and help maintain a healthy weight. The fats in it are mostly unsaturated fatty acids and are completely free of cholesterol. Therefore, soy bread is useful for everyone with blood pressure problems.

Is soy flour bread useful

The vitamins in soy bread are represented by group B, E, K, and the elements potassium, magnesium, zinc, iron, sodium, sodium, selenium, phosphorus and copper complete the rich chemical composition, which determines the many health benefits.

Is soy flour bread useful

This healthy bread is a valuable food for vegetarians because it gives them many valuable substances that they lack due to the refusal of other foods. The healthy benefits of soy bread are also expressed in choleretic action, thanks to choline, in the body’s resistance to toxic substances, thanks to lecithin, good microflora thanks to all B vitamins, as well as many other health effects.

The absence of gluten makes it a great option for people with an intolerance to wheat flour bread. Component of soy bread even reduces the risk of breast cancer in women, protects against the formation of blood clots, thanks to vitamin K. Contraindications for consumption of soy bread Allergies are possible due to the protein in it, so susceptible people should avoid it. Large doses of choline are not beneficial for heart disease sufferers and should be avoided by those suffering from Alzheimer’s and Parkinson’s.

Pregnant women should avoid it in their menu, as well as children, because in adolescence it creates a problem with hormonal levels. Large doses of soy products consumed by men and women can cause infertility in both sexes. Soy flour bread should be consumed in small amounts by everyone.