herb lovage
lovage this is a plant known to mankind from ancient times

Some reasons to use lovage, this is a plant known to mankind from ancient times. In the past, people have healed rheumatism and a cold with a deworming potion.

It is a curious fact that in the Middle Ages traders have used it as a flavor by placing petals in it in their shoes.

Lovage  is from the family of carrots and parsley. Besides being cultivated as a cultural plant, it is also wild. The largest wildlife plantations are in the Mediterranean region.

It is precisely in some Mediterranean countries like Italy that the lovage  is considered a powerful aphrodisiac.

In Europe many traditional dishes are flavored with this aromatic spice, added in fresh or dried state. Many kinds of meat dishes, bean soup, dairy dishes, and salads acquire a wonderful traditional taste when added to them.

The plant uses both the leaves and the seeds and the root. But with the strongest healing properties, the root can boast. It is used in potions and in the raw state.

The root of the dove is very effective in stimulating appetite, indigestion, treating cystitis and helping to remove kidney stones. There is antiseptic action.

lovage herb
decoction of the leaves of the herb lovage relieve menstrual pain and treat colds

Lovage  leaves are the most used part of the plant in the culinary industry because the seeds and roots have a much stronger and sometimes compulsive aroma.

And outside the kitchen the leaves of the plant are a strong diuretic and effective flavor. Decoction of the herb leaves relieves menstrual pain and treats colds.

If you want to make the most of the mermaid’s qualities, get fresh from safe merchants who guarantee that the plant is grown in gardens without the addition of pesticides.

Do not risk picking wild deworms, as you can easily mistake it with some poisonous plants of the same family.

The lovage can be dried and stored in paper bags in a dark and dry place or chopped and frozen. Whether you use it as a spice for your favorite traditional dishes or as a medicine, you can have many benefits from its use. So do not neglect this valuable plant.