Full list of smoothies types according to content.

Smoothies types according to content
A detailed list of species smoothies , content rules for making smoothies , and how much time should be consumed this refreshing drink.

Fruit smoothies . When it blended fruit (pureed in a blender) entirely on your taste or the taste of the people who cook it. Experiment with different options – you only restricts your imagination.

The season is not an obstacle – could safely be used frozen berries. Bananas with strawberry, peach to melon mix of berries … really variations are endless. Vegetable smoothies . The difference with the fruit is clear, the techno

Full list of smoothies types
Full list of smoothies types according to content

s, hazelnuts and cocoa nuts, sweetened with honey and flavored with vanilla and cinnamon stick;

Green smoothies . It has become a real hit among fans of a healthy lifestyle. At its base are leafy vegetables – spinach, cabbage, sorrel, nettles sprouts, purslane, celery, kale, parsley, celery blended together and mixed with water, citrus juice or milk from nuts. Green smoothies are extremely healthy, contain large amounts of chlorophyll, lesnousvoyaemi protein, folic acid. Calories are small, but in contrast, are real vitamin bombs and energizes the body.

Much more appropriate to have green leafy smoothies than fresh – imagine how parsley goes for a glass of juice, while smoothies will use the whole parsley. It is important to gradually increase the amount of green leafy to become accustomed to the peculiar taste. Very useful before and after training as an afternoon snack for people with intensive lifestyle subjected to stress and fatigue, Fastidious Eater and capricious in food children;

Dietary smoothies  (smoothies slimming). Consistent with the dietary regimen that follow, smoothies can replace any of the meals. Oatmeal, wheat germ, almonds, hazelnuts – these carry enough nutrients necessary energy without creating a feeling of fullness. If your diet is with a purpose – detox, slimming, optimize metabolism is good smoothies to comply with the plan without deviation. Recommendations for consumption smoothies .

Consume immediately after blending smoothies, especially if it contains citrus and other vitamin C-rich components, as it oxidizes quickly confounded change color and lose vitamins; Drink slowly, enjoy “rehash” every sip before ingesting it. It may seem ridiculous, but it is important for the jaws and the overall feeling that we eat, not drink. The importance of chewing food.

Some of the products used can be soaked in water to achieve better consistency smoothies – oat bran, nuts, dried fruits. Invest in a good blender and the blender with it, but he does not light texture, but it “crushes”. In blender with more power you can put large, hard fruits and they melt in seconds.

Freshly made to disturb can add more and powdered or liquid supplements – sprouts, spirulina and other algae, wheat germ, herbs powder, hemp protein, chia seeds and maca powder. Everything you think is useful and which you act well. It’s part of the charm of smoothies – constant experimentation with useful products and raw materials. That is so smoothies conquered healthy eating.