Smoothies for healthy eating
Smoothies for healthy eating , preparation technology and what fruits and vegetables we use super foods

Smoothies for healthy eating  benefits combinations kinds smoothies , and some recommendations. All we want in dynamic lifestyle can manage to eat healthy. This excites more and more people. As a solution coming alternatives to traditional notions of form and type of food we eat.

Hit are called. super foods and alternatives for intermediate meals. Thus arises become a real hit in recent years smoothies. Smoothies(from English. Smooth “smooth”) call thick, creamy drink made from various fruits, vegetables, leafy vegetables, nuts, broken in a blender and mixed with liquid, to which usually adds finely crushed ice. Smoothiesprecedence over fresh juices.

The main difference between confused and fresh is that unlike juices, which contain only fresh pressed juice of the components for the preparation of smoothies use the whole fruit or vegetable. Of flesh smoothies receive fiber (beneficial plant fiber), and from the seeds and bark – fat, protein, pectin and other nutrients. This makes the taste denser than of Fresh and absorption of nutrients more fully.

Smoothies on the beach
Smoothies for healthy eating benefits combinations kinds smoothies , and some recommendations

Fresh juices – what to watch. The technology of making smoothies makers and juices is also different – blending makes the drink more dense and fluffy. Another significant advantage of smoothies at juice is that for processing smoothies by the body needed more energy, much filling is completely replaces a main meal. Dietitians and Nutritionists strongly recommend freshly prepared smoothies for breakfast – it will give the necessary energy to start the day and at the same time will bring a feeling of heaviness and discomfort.

Moreover smoothies we can make a fruit or vegetable that can not be squeezed juice – avocado, banana, leafy vegetables, frozen fruit. Shakes harder differ from smoothies because doing based on cow’s milk be avoided in smoothies. Milk is increasingly questionable benefits for the body.

In shakes put and fresh fruit, but their content is less. Combine ingredients. Fruits and vegetables may be combined, but it is generally undesirable and let the combination is not equal – let one prevail. Apple, lemon, cucumbers are neutral and can participate in combinations. Like infant feeding, try combinations by typing in a new component and watch out for unpleasant reactions – usually bloating and gas.

And do not be carried away to put too many components. Smoothies makers are extremely varied composition. Generally the recipes contain at least one fruit or vegetable with fleshy texture, at least one more juicy, liquid dilution – usually spring water or nut milk. Ice can also add are especially refreshing summer acts, and other additives.