Small food solutions
Small food solutions for health, make the right choice of foods and juices which will improve your performance and longevity

Small food solutions for health, which daily take, indicating a big impact on our vitality. Sometimes the right choice is obvious, but in many cases – not. Here are a few minor fluctuations, and their answers will bring you better health and a better life:

Fresh tomatoes or tomato sauce?

Tomato sauce – tomatoes are a rich source of lycopene, an antioxidant which is believed to help in the prevention of several types of cancer. When cooking them is released much greater amount of lycopene that can be absorbed by the body. For maximum effect is best tomato sauce can add a little olive oil. Tomato sauce contains more lycopene than raw tomatoes.
Bacon or sausage?
Bacon – fried bacon has less calories than regular sausage. Best before you fry, to cut bark and a small portion of oily layer.
Fresh or dried fruit?
Fresh fruit – dried fruits are practical and you can wear them everywhere to serve you as a snack. But when you can, eat fresh fruit. It contains a higher percentage of water, which means that the city will be longer.
Nuts – nuts actually have more calories – 30 grams of nuts has about 167 calories and 30 grams of dried fruit has about 69 calories, but they have a large amount of vitamin E, protein and fiber. When you have to choose, decide – nuts. The perfect choice is a mix of nuts and dried fruits. Tea – missing your energy so you want to cheer with a cup of coffee? You will make a better choice if you drink a cup of green or black tea. And tea contains caffeine, which will awake, and besides green and black tea are rich in antioxidants and play an important role in the prevention of various diseases.

food solutions for health
Small food solutions for health, which daily take, indicating a big impact on our vitality

Fresh garlic or garlic powder?
Fresh garlic – according to researchers at Stanford University, the active ingredient in garlic – allicin, can be easily destroyed during processing, so it is best to use fresh garlic.
Strawberries or blueberries?
Blueberries – no one can deny the fact that both the fetus are extremely beneficial to health. But when you have to compare them prevail blueberries. Blueberries contain much more fiber than strawberries more vitamin E, as well as substances that are good for memory.
Broccoli or cauliflower?
Broccoli – Broccoli contains twice the fiber of cauliflower.
Apple or an orange?
Apple – apples carry many more health benefits compared to oranges. Apples improve digestion, help weight loss, lower cholesterol and improve the functioning of the lungs. Wine -‘ve all heard or read how healthy wine. Not only that positively affects health, but if you prefer wine will enter less alcohol in the blood.