Skin cream with two natural ingredients
A phenomenal skin cream with two natural ingredients

A phenomenal skin cream with two natural ingredients. There is no doubt that some of the most beneficial natural ingredients for skin health include aloe vera and coconut oil.

These two ingredients have a scientifically proven healing effect on eczema, psoriasis, rash, irritated or dry skin. Because of its many health benefits, aloe vera and coconut oil are often used in body care products, but in combination they are even more useful.

The best blend is obtained when you combine aloe vera gel (not juice) and purely unrefined coconut oil. As a rule, water and butter are poorly mixed, so it is not recommended to use the juice of this plant.

Phenomenal skin cream

Important Benefits of Aloe Vera:

aloe vera cream
Good for health and containing aloe vera and coconut oil, cream preparation, tips

– Aloe Vera is extremely effective in treating light burns and sunburn;
– Soothes irritated skin and rash;
Reduces the appearance of stretch marks, age spots, acne and scars;
– Deeply hydrates and rejuvenates the skin.
Important health benefits of coconut oil:
– Makes miracles as a natural moisturizing cream;
– Delayed aging of the skin;
– Very useful for dry skin;
– Provides antifungal and antibacterial effects and removes various skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis, sunburn, skin rashes and irritations;
– Can be used as a make-up removal tool;

coconut butter natural ingredients
two natural ingredients, good for health

– May be used as massage oil.
Ingredients for the phenomenal cream
0.5 cup of organic coconut oil
1/3 cup of pure aloe vera gel

A few drops of lavender essential oil (jasmine, rose, vanilla) at your choice
In a small bowl, mix coconut oil and aloe vera for 5-10 minutes of stirring.

You should get a light and homemade paste. Add the essential oil you choose. Store the mixture in a glass pan with lid and cool.

Use cream as other creams, but only on damp skin for best results. Preferably after bathing. You can also use the makeup cleaner.