Facial skin care
Facial skin care in the evening and in the morning

Skin care according to skin type, how to care for normal, oily, dry and combined face skin. We offer you a step-by-step care regimen based on skin type.

Caring for normal skin

Morning: Facial Washing: Best start the day with cleansing the skin with a washable, non-sulphate cleansing foam. Face tonic: Apply a tonic to the face; it is desirable to have no alcohol.

He will refresh the skin and prepare it for the long day. Moisturizing Cream with Sun Protection Factor: Be sure to apply sunscreen to face, neck and neckline, even outdoors.

In the evening: Washing the face: You can use the washable foam. Be sure to clean the line around your hair and jaw; pay special attention to rinsing. If you’ve had a heavy makeup, you may have to wash the face twice. Serum: Apply serum. The perfect product for the evening because it penetrates deep.

Night cream: For good hydration of the skin.

Once a month visit a beauty care professional for deeper cleaning – ultrasound, manual, oxygen therapy, and so on. of your choice. “A quick, easy and inexpensive way to refresh your face. Ultrasonic cleaning of the face is the ideal method for every age and every skin type …”

Dry skin care

In the morning. Wash the face with a soft and skin-friendly product. It is appropriate for you the toilet milk, then lightly splash your face with water. Tonic: Apply a non-alcoholic tonic.

Dry skin care
You can also try with plain rose water that will refresh your skin

You can also try with plain rose water that will refresh your skin. Serum: For dry skin, you need to use serum in the morning. Take your formula with vitamin E, A or C. Finish your care with a moisturizing sunscreen.

In the evening. Facial Cleansing: You can use toilet milk or a scouring foam designed specifically for dry skin. Obligatory use alcohol-free product. Tinnit the skin with micellar water or rose water. It is imperative that the product is alcohol-free.

Serum with retinol: The particles of serum penetrate in depth and hydrate the skin well. Use 4-5 times a week for dry skin. For the remaining 2-3 nights, replace the serum with a moisturizing cream.

An eyebrow cream is especially important for women with dry skin over 30-35 years. Look for a formula with peptides, it is best suited for this type of skin.

Night Cream: Women with dry skin must apply night cream if they want to keep their skin fresh and young longer.
Once or twice a week: Use a gentle peel to remove dead skin cells. Here, too, use a soft formula. And after the peeling, apply jojoba oil.