sesame seeds source
The seeds source of health and longevity, are useful for both the physiological state of man and the female figure

The seeds source of health and longevity are often neglected at the expense of the nuts, which are known as one of the most powerful superfoods. However, they have no less useful qualities.

Despite their small size they are found heaps of vitamins and minerals. They are useful for overall health and for the figure.

One of the most useful is the pumpkin seed. Besides being rich in unsaturated fat, it contains more iron, magnesium and zinc. They are important for overall health.

The composition of pumpkin seeds have more vitamin K, which protects against diabetes. Linseed. It opens so necessary for the body Omega-3 fatty acid. Besides it, there are more alpha linolenic acid and fiber that promote proper digestion and regulate blood sugar levels.

chia Seeds source
seeds have many vitamins and minerals

Lignans in its composition protect against tumors. Sesame. Rich in zinc, it supports the production of collagen – a major for best appearance and health of skin. Calcium does is essential for muscle and bone. In sesame contains useful oils which lower blood. Chia seeds. Fiber in the small seeds help to burn abdominal fat.

Once in the stomach, chiata mixed with gastric juices to form a gel that helps to stabilize blood sugar levels and control appetite. They also contain calcium, magnesium and boron.

They do not contain gluten and enjoy a perfect protein. Sunflower seeds. They contain phytosterols, essential in the fight against bad cholesterol. Protein and fat in it are good for the heart.

seeds types for health
The seeds source of health and longevity are often neglected at the expense of the nuts

Magnesium in its composition does maintain a healthy nervous system. Hemp seed. Omega-3 and omega-6 fatty acids in the composition of the hemp seed anti-inflammatory.

Most fatty acids in its composition is characteristic of the brain. Therefore, regular intake can be seen as a prevention against diseases such as Parkinson’s and Alzheimer’s.

It is believed that the hemp seed improves memory. It relieves the symptoms of anxiety and depression. Furthermore, and improves the mood.

There are more iron energises. Moreover, seeds of the hemp are one of the best sources of protein.