Sea salt against cellulite
Recipe for homemade exfoliant against cellulite

Sea salt against cellulite and anti-cellulite treatments. Anti-cellulite peeling with sea salt and lavender. When we hear about cellulite and anti-cellulite treatments, we think about coffee. We all know that coffee is a faithful helper in the fight against cellulite. Did you know that sea salt is a no-less useful against cellulite coffee?

Anti-cellulite properties of sea salt due to its constituents calcium, magnesium and iron, which do not allow the skin to dehydrate and at the same time keep it nourished, toned and smooth. Regulates the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and promotes excreting excess fluid. Maybe “sea salt” does not sound good because you think that large lumps will hurt the skin, but I assure you it is not. Scrub with sea salt refresh and polish the skin, leaving it velvety soft and salt mercy to become smaller abrasive particles.

Cellulite bath with sea salt. The easiest way to make cellulite therapy with sea salt has to take a bath with sea salt. Make a relaxing and anti-cellulite bath with 300 grams of sea salt and not much hot water for 15 minutes. Do this procedure twice a week. Another option for cellulite procedure with sea salt, which I prefer, is to use a body scrub. It improves blood circulation, metabolism, tones the skin and is gradually crashed hard cellulite.

I encourage you to choose peeling, which is made on the basis of sea salt because it improves microcirculation, load cells with oxygen acts nourishing and beneficial to the skin. Do not dry the epidermis, on the contrary, acts therapeutic and healing. Body Scrub are required to keep your skin young and beautiful. In the presence of cellulite should not be wondering whether to use a body scrub and hurry can get one. You can buy a finished product or to make a home cellulite scrub with sea salt, which is a cheap and affordable option. Recipe for homemade exfoliant against cellulite.

Sea salt against cellulite recipe scrub
Regulates the accumulation of subcutaneous fat and promotes excreting excess fluid.

Sea salt against cellulite.
Home exfoliant.
1 cup sea salt
2 tablespoons olive oil
2 teaspoons essential oil (lavender, peach, grapefruit, etc.)
Pour all ingredients in a suitable container and mix well. Leave to stand for ten minutes and again stir to obtain a homogeneous mash cellulite. Using a sponge body massage vigorously problem areas. Then rinse with water, dry skin and must apply atitseluliten cream or at least deeply moisturizing body lotion. Do this procedure at least 3-4 times a week for one month.

Then make a break of 10 days and continue with the procedure once or twice a week. Watch your skin if you do not tolerate this kind of scrub, you can do less or procedure to select the finished cosmetic product. Anti-cellulite body scrub pineapple. We recommend a professional anti-cellulite body scrub pineapple, which is a natural product with sea salts and enriched with jojoba oil, almond oil and shea butter.

Complete care for your skin with anti-cellulite cream with pineapple and caffeine. Our advice is to be persistent in order to have effect. Even if you do not have cellulite, do not miss peeling procedures to keep your skin young, nourished, healthy, beautiful and good looking.