If someone passionate chef who knows deep secrets of good cooking , we recommend you do not leave your spice cabinet without colored salt, do not rush to accuse him of pretentiousness . Salt as a spice – that millennial gift of nature , is now on our table with all the wealth and variety of colors and flavors. We are able to enjoy the colorful salt, we are able to make their choice.

Types of salt as a spice and its purpose

When you reach for the salt shaker , however, we should not forget what our doctors say – take it easy , because excessive use of salt can be dangerous , especially if you suffer from high blood pressure, heart disease , diseases of the stomach and esophagus , or if you are overweight weight , because in this case the salt can contribute little to the retention of fluids in our body. Recent years have made the ability to add different types of salt incomparably greater and also have modified our understanding of this important and so basic spice known to mankind for millennia.

Salt as a spice in the future
Himalayan salt for cooking

Sea salt as a spice is a natural product that is our gift of nature

However, if you go too far and stepped measure Salt can also be dangerous to our health. What we can afford today? The short answer is – we can do much, if you know the types of salt that are already on the market in our country. Let’s start with the mountain beauty – pink Himalayan salt. The delicate and elegant color pink Himalayan salt is far from her only good quality. Experts say that it was created before the entire 250 million years and therefore in layers which yield have accumulated more than 80 trace elements. Its rich biochemical structure allows its easy absorption by the cells , and therefore it is recommended to add widely in everyday life. In parallel, pink Himalayan salt as a spice comes in the form of crystals , it is recommended that its use of ” salt inhalations ” – dissolved in hot water , it becomes part of the vapor that is inhaled and relieve the condition in mild fever and sinusitis .

Chinese salt as a spice for cooking
Chinese salt as a spice for cooking purposes

A few minutes after inhalation , nasal soften the crusts come off the walls of the nose and emit light without pain. Persian Blue salt as a spice is a natural rock salt whose airy pale blue color is obtained due to the overlapping of crystals with different thickness from which it was formed over millennia . It has a strong but unobtrusive taste, and connoisseurs recommend it most for seasoning liquid dishes – soups , cold vegetable soups , Tarator . Red Hawaiian salt is formed along the beach and some Pacific islands – where water from the ocean mixed with volcanic baked red clay at the edges of the coastline.
It is also rich in minerals , and its content of iron in it even more than five times the levels in normal salt . The taste of the red salt resembles the taste of roasted hazelnuts and culinary professionals recommending it to flavor grilled meats grilled or oven, including of game meats. Brown salt as a spice  contains many minerals and trace elements that make it easier to absorb by the body. The taste of brown salt is nice and balanced, but it should not be added to dishes at the end of the heat treatment nor be used for roux . In these cases, it can change the taste , who become bitter and unpleasant. Brittany Gray salt is mined in Brittany, Northern France by drying in the sun.
It is also rich in minerals, but also contains organic iodine. Its use in cooking is not limited to any particular requirements , however connoisseurs of good food is of the opinion that is most suitable for flavoring fish dishes and seafood dishes . Connoisseurs of beauty even recommend it for salt baths, which soften the skin , acting against toxicity and rejuvenate the body . Two particularly valuable in cooking types of salt . Both are black, but one comes from Hawaii, and the other – from the island of Aphrodite – Cyprus.
Black Hawaiian salt was born from the mixing of sea water with the ashes of the volcanic cliffs of black lava. Besides minerals and trace elements , it is rich in charcoal , which also has a detoxifying effect . A slight taste of nuts can be used to flavor all sorts of dishes , where search and aesthetic effect of the dish . The best is its use in starters with seafood or light poultry dishes . Cyprus black salt as a spice  flakes with rich and mellow flavor . Has a crystal structure due to the color of charcoal of conifers and deciduous – linden , birch and willow . Scales are light and crispy and are suitable for addition to grilled meats , white fish, but also roasted and stewed potatoes and egg dishes .