Salad seaweed rice and vegetables
An interesting recipe salad seaweed rice and vegetables, method of preparation necessary products and spices for flavor, vitamins and minerals for vegetarians

It could say that seaweed salad rice and vegetables took a little of both recipes, as I combined rice with seaweed, cucumber, carrot, sesame and amaranth of popcorn. I used wild rice, because anyway I had with him and still wondering where to apply it, but brown, red, black or a combination of these types of rice also would be appropriate and colorful addition.

In this recipe again included few ingredients, but with rich flavor, so that the end result can not not promising. Wild rice (or if you use the other three species mentioned) provide core density and flavor of the salad. Cucumber and carrots are fresh crunchy addition, which is amazing with roasted sesame seeds and sesame oil. Algae and here are the main ingredient not only in quantity but also as a super stodgy product that brings the main flavor of the salad.

Popcorn from amaranth prepared easily at home and are an impressive finish to be sprinkled before serving. On this salad a lot and approached something sour, so her can add rice vinegar, but I think apple cider vinegar or even a little lemon juice will do a great job. In the recipe did not mention any acid, but keep in mind that is welcome and, above all, follow your own taste.
These doses are for 4 servings.
’20 Dried seaweed kelp

Salad seaweed rice vegetables
It could say that seaweed salad rice and vegetables took a little of both recipes

100 g wild rice
1 carrot, cut into thin sticks with a length of 5 cm
1 small cucumber, cut into thin sticks with a length of 5 cm
2 tablespoons sesame oil
4 tablespoons of popcorn amaranth
4 tablespoons roasted sesame
salt and freshly ground black pepper
Soy sauce to taste
Algae are soaked in cold water for 1-2 hours. Drained, washed nice and cut into strips with a length of 5 cm. Meanwhile, boiled rice. Wash good under cold running water, put it in a saucepan and pour 500 ml of water. Put it over high heat and when boiled, dropped. Allow to boil on medium heat for 40-50 minutes.

After last 40 minutes trying to stand. Once cooked excess water drain.
In a bowl mix the algae, rice, carrots and cucumber. Flavored with sesame oil, salt, freshly ground pepper and soy sauce to taste. If you prefer, add the desired acid – rice or cider vinegar or lemon juice. Salad sprinkled with sesame seeds and popcorn from amaranth.