rules healthy breakfast
Nutritionists recommend rules for healthy snack. Of course, your diet should include qualitative and vitamin-rich foods.

Rules for healthy snack when we work. Afternoon snack, no matter how nice it is often overlooked – intentionally or not.

There are very specific reason. This is the time when only a few hours before the end of the day you make a pause to talk with colleagues, accompanied by coffee, a sweet and most times your diet perishable dessert.

Usually in those taking unnecessary breaks and high-calorie foods that subsequently have to second-guess how to burn. Despite the risks nutritionists recommend eating breakfast afternoon.

Of course, your diet should include qualitative and vitamin-rich foods that you cheer and give strength to the rest of the day.

Precisely for this reason there are a few necessary rules you must follow to make sure you have a healthy breakfast on the one hand and on the other, that will save you unnecessary calories.

Apply to certain restrictions. For example do not eat a whole chocolate or packet of crisps and share it with your colleagues. If you decide to bring as homemade cake, do not forget to praise how well you received the recipe.

In the summer and refrain otsladoleda.

rules for healthy hazelnuts
Rules for healthy snack when we work

Do not take more than one ball. No less effective practice is to make a plan for the week to determine what to eat in the afternoon.

Given list in black and white, you will work harder to comply with the writing, not to differentiate itself from promise to you.

In addition to exercise his will avoid annoying wondering what to grab for breakfast, and we all know that usually the first thing that comes to mind is a piece of cake or chocolate.

A very good option is to wear for an afternoon snack of fruit or fruit salad. You even do not eat fruits and make them a delicious smoothie with skim milk or tea – hot or cold, with plenty of honey.

If you’re feeling really hungry and do not want to overeat before dinner, then eat a handful of raw nuts. Besides being useful, they are delicious and filling.