Risotto with seafood
Risotto with seafood, delicious food for lunch and dinner recipe suitable for vegetarians and older people with a strong stomach

Risotto with seafood is an Italian dish consisting of a wonderful combination of fluffy rice, seafood and mushrooms. Here’s the way my dish of today’s river – marine menu. You can replace any of the seafood with others or to add one more to those here because no precise rules. But one thing is certain, at any cost must keep our tradition risotto with seafood to be eaten with very cold white wine!
Ingredients for 4 servings:
45ml or 3 tablespoons olive oil
1 medium onion, finely chopped
225 g wild and cultivated mushrooms of your choice, cleaned and sliced
450 g, or 2 ¼ cups, kasozarnest rice variety “Arborio” or variety “Karnaroli” or plain rice pearl
1 ¼ l, or 5 cups, aromatic flavored vegetable or chicken broth preheated
150 ml or 2/3 cup white wine
115 g raw prawns, peeled and cleaned of heads
225 g oblong black sea scallops
225 g round white sea shells
1 medium squid, washed, cleaned and cut into rings
3 pieces of canned truffle (optional)
’75 Or 5 tablespoons fresh parsley and chervil, finely chopped
pepper to taste
Method of preparation:
Fry kromida1 Preheat oil in a large frying pan and fry the onion for 6-8 minutes until tender without browning.
Add mushrooms and saute them until the liquid will run, evaporate. Put the rice and mix well.

Risotto seafood
Risotto with seafood is an Italian dish consisting of a wonderful combination of fluffy rice

Pour the broth and white wine. Add raw shrimp, black and white mussels and squid, stir and stew fire about 15 minutes.
Finally put truffles, if you have them included in the recipe, mix with green herbs, sandwiching and leave the mixture on fire to boil 5-10 minutes.
Season with pepper to taste and serve the dish immediately.
Good advice
Before you start the recipe tap strong each clam with a knife. Remove mussels that do not open. Once you have completed the preparation of the dish also check the mussels and remove those that are not opened.
Nutrition values
In 1 serving contains:
Energy 594 kcal / 2481Dzh
Fat total in ’12
1.35 g saturated fat
Carbohydrates ’89
Cellulose 1.7 g
293 mg sodium