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Which are required foods during breastfeeding.

Which are required foods during breastfeeding. Any woman who has become or is about to become a mother may be interested in the foods and drinks she desires to consume in order to stimulate the production of breast milk in her breasts.

There are many myths and claims about certain foods that should not, or vice versa – it is advisable to eat for more breast milk. Many of them are only theories, and until you try, you can not tell if they are true.

Here are some tips for products that are proven to increase breast milk and some other tricks that are far from being related to culinary but which also help to build more immunity to your breasts through breast milk.

More fluids

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should be taken with vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals and iron plus meat

First of all, it is imperative to take a large amount of liquids, mostly water. There is an unsettled rule that every 25 kg of the human body is given 1/2 l of water. This means that if you are 50 kg, you need to drink 1 l of water daily under normal circumstances. But breastfeeding requires more – at least 1 1/2 to 2 liters of water per day.

Natural juices and citrus juice, whether home-made or purchased, are absolutely forbidden, as they naturally irritate the stomach and baby organisms are too delicate – especially in the first weeks when colic is unavoidable.

Natural juice is a drink that everyone does not like. There are also many controversies about it, whether it helps or hurts the stern. But it is recommended because it contains proteins, mineral salts, vitamins from group B and others. The presence of rye or wheat in the boza additionally saturates its calorie effect, leading to one conclusion – more breast milk.

It is true that the presence of artificial sweeteners in this drink makes it detrimental from this point of view, but the content of aspartame is negligible and can not hurt to reach the stern at all.

Obligatory foods during breastfeeding

Domestic meat is the largest assistant to nursing mothers. It is not about meat from so-called bio-shops, but about real fresh meat – pork, chicken, veal, rabbit from domestic animals. Here are some of the nutritional characteristics of a pork ham and notice – just for 100 g – protein – 17.43 g, fat – 18.87 g, calories – 245. carbohydrates – 0 g.

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the most important ingredient for more breast milk

Spinach, lettuce, vegetables – these are the products that are mandatory for breastfeeding mothers. One of the main constituents of the mother’s milk is iron. From the iron available in breast milk, it is proven that the baby absorbs from 50 to 75%. Therefore, it is essential to eat vegetables that are rich in vitamins, minerals and iron.

And last but not least – the most important ingredient for more breast milk – tranquility. Just like the food in your body, the mother also passes psychic signals to her baby.

It is therefore necessary for nursing women to be calm, not to worry excessively about households that will not disappear anyway, and to enjoy their motherhood as much as possible, because although it is difficult and difficult, it is the best time in life of every woman.