Reduce refined sugar
How to eliminate white sugar from your diet

Reduce refined sugar and replace it with natural foods. How to eliminate white sugar from your diet?

Consumption of white sugar leads to an increased risk of developing diabetes, obesity, attention disorders, metabolic syndrome, hyperactivity. Here are some tips that will help reduce consumption of refined sugar:

1) Do not eat foods that contain more than 15 grams of sugar, especially bakery products, ice cream, sweetened yogurt and packaged fruit juices. Warning: do not drink cocktails and soft drinks.

2) Choose healthy foods that have not been subjected to industrial processes such as dried fruits and vegetables, fresh fruits, vegetables and nuts.

3) Resist the symptoms of “abstinence” that will make you understand how you are dependent on drinks and sweet foods.

How to eliminate white sugar from your diet?

4) Prepare your food without adding refined sugar and use naturally sweet fruits like bananas, dates or raisins. Refined sugar may be substituted, e.g., with small amounts of rice syrup.

eliminate white sugar
Reduce refined sugar, replace it with sweet fruit and dark chocolate, choose healthy foods without industrial processing, eat fruits and sweet vegetables

5) Select ekstratamen chocolate. You can opt out of cakes or snacks, but never say “no” to chocolate! ?

So point your preferences for extra dark chocolate, which has the lowest sugar content and the highest percentage of cocoa.

Reducing sugar in the diet does not mean to totally abstain from desserts.

We need something sweet life! Try not to use packaged products that contain lots of sugar and kick start example, cakes and ice creams made with fresh fruit.