Pumpkin treats with cardiovascular disease and high cholesterol. Due to the high content of potassium, pumpkin prevents a number of diseases of the heart and blood vessels. Seeds do contain substances that produce the drugs for

Pumpkin help of cardiovascular
Folk medicine has a recipe for stress

cholesterol removal. Of them, and oil is recovered, which improves the blood composition. Vitamin K, which is contained only in the pumpkin and no other vegetables, is responsible for blood clotting. The high iron content helps in anemia and the presence of vitamin C is responsible for the lowering of high blood pressure. It is recommended for hypertension and swelling every day to take in 200 g pumpkin, preferably roasted.

Pumpkin treats obesity

Pumpkin is low calorie and can be taken in unlimited quantities. It suppresses hunger and at the same time speeds up metabolism and disposal of slag from the gastrointestinal trakt.eystva very delicate gastrointestinal tract.

Pumpkin treats intestinal parasites

Pumpkin seeds for centuries been famous for its antiparasitic action. They are particularly useful for the worms. Folk medicine in this case recommended one week to adopt clean pumpkin seeds, along with the green zipper.

Pumpkin treats skin diseases

Pumpkin seeds are useful in skin diseases such as dandruff and seborrhea. The effect is due to the high content of zinc, which is good for skin and hair, and even smoothes out wrinkles. Such action and have vitamins A and E. Frequent consumption of pumpkin seeds protects the face from acne and pimples. And with burns and eczema do poultice of grated flesh of the pumpkin.

Pumpkin treats eye diseases

Pumpkin is recommended for the prevention of ocular diseases and prevents night blindness. Vegetable contains five times more beta-carotene than carrots, which makes it especially suitable for people with visual impairments or

Pumpkin treats nervous system
Pumpkin contains substances that enhance the nervous system

those who often work with computers.

Pumpkin treats nervous system

Pumpkin contains substances that enhance the nervous system. Due to the high content of vitamins, pumpkin has a calming effect and is even recommended for pregnant women with symptoms of frequent vomiting. Insomnia is better to accept half a cup of fresh pumpkin juice at bedtime, or be eaten stewed flesh of the pumpkin with a spoon of honey. For comfort and sound sleep is better to drink the water from the boiled pumpkin.

Folk medicine has a recipe for stress – wine glass of pumpkin juice, the juice of two lemons and two teaspoons of honey dissolved in warm water, mix. This fluid supplies the body with a lot of potassium and vitamins that help the body cope with stress.

Pumpkin treats sick simple

In men with prostate inflammation is suggested by a glass of pumpkin juice daily for three weeks. Natural light is the infusion of ground coffee as pumpkin seeds. It helps to discard the stones from the kidney.

Pumpkin to boost libido and rejuvenate

Due to the high content of vitamin E, pumpkin stimulate gonadal function, and at the same time protects the body from aging. It has long been known that pumpkin seeds act as an aphrodisiac, as it helps blood flow to the organs with blood. That their property is particularly important for sexual function.