Persimmons are a cocktail of vitamins and minerals
Persimmon is preferred by proponents of healthy eating and in particular the raw.

Due to the high tannin content, the properties of persimmon Europeans have long believed that it is completely unsuitable for human consumption. Deception was immediately diffused in the moment they gave her a chance at his table, tasting it into its fully matured condition that requires time “until the first frost” on the advice of the Indians. Exotic plant comes from a family ebony. Can be found on ednostvolni or mnogostvolni trees, reaching a height of 15 meters round, angular or zhaladopodobni shaped fruit with color-changing – from a light in the early to tamnoorazhnevo and sometimes even red.

These changes accompany the ripening of fruit and suggest that it is ready to eat. If the pale shades stop you when you decide to try the unusual apple and head to commercial – no cause for concern. Left sunny and bright place, it becomes saturated color gradually and if the manifestations enough patience, soon will be able to enjoy a very sweet gift from the gods. Persimmon retains all nutrients and at minus 20 degrees.However, as the best states that fruit that is ripe on the tree, drawing up last goodies from nature. Let exotic plant you do not lie – persimmon grows without problem on our territory, in particular the Black Sea and South Bulgaria – Plovdiv, Haskovo, Sopot, Sliven and in Ivaylovgrad call it more “mead”.

Cultivation and devoid of any pretentiousness, resistant to low temperatures down to minus 20 degrees, she successfully kept its rich array of micronutrients for us. Healing properties of persimmon. Popular are five types of paradise apples – Fugy, which is characterized by a sweet and crunchy fruits of medium size, Suraga – representatives of significantly larger apples with dense interior, Giant Fuyu – elongated variety with large fruits and extracting impressive dark red colors when ripe, Jiro – the most popular, perhaps, variety of good quality, Costata – the fruits of it are distinguished by tartness in tasting even when they are ready for consumption, colored in yellow and have a shape reminiscent cone.

Persimmons are rich in beta carotene. Persimmon is autumn cocktail of flavors and exotic ingredients useful in stunning doses such as vitamins – C, B1, B2, P, PP, vitamin F and glutamic acid. Persimmon – divine fruit.High is also sugars – about 13% to 19% fructose and glucose, dyes and pectic substances. Pectin is responsible for maintaining the digestive system in good shape. In the healthy aspect of the divinity of the little jewel testify numerous applications in treatments of some of the most common diagnoses.

Persimmons minerals and have strong antioxidant properties
Divine fruit lower blood pressure, helps with anemia, flu and melancholy

The orange color of persimmon, due to the high values of beta carotene it leads us immediately to make association with the carrots, which, as is well known, are prescribed for the treatment of countless ailments. Large part of the healing properties it owns. Persimmon is a cocktail of vitamins, minerals and pectin. In the distant past people have viewed it as a remedy against scurvy because of it high content of vitamin C. The vitamin combined with beta carotene, guarantees you an immune system that is not subject to any fluctuations of the change of seasons and temperatures. For heart problems and anemichnost, our attention is drawn to magnesium, which is one of the constituent minerals persimmon and protects the body from forming stones.

Persimmon juice or decoction of the fruit are used in folk medicine as an expectorant. It is believed that consumption of apples paradise assisted retrieval of the body after diseases, enhances immunity and stamina. To the job description of the fetus can add the ability to cope as an excellent antioxidant. Persimmon is an excellent antioxidant. This is due to the many vitamins and lycopene in it, though in limited amounts. Won for negative short time against autumn melancholy in the dark days and reduces the harmful effects of free radicals. In disease of the cardiovascular system, and high blood pressure due to natural plant sugars, persimmon is an excellent assistant. Several fruit of the day are a means ahead of advantages pills for high blood pressure. Has a diuretic effect.

Last but not least purpose of exotic gift – it is an endless dance for the senses, satisfying even the most discerning tastes. Peeled, cut and left for about five minutes in hot water followed by sieving and blending, persimmon turns into a wonderful cream syrup happy to eat for a long time and that will strengthen your general health and emotional state. Properties of persimmon removed blood, help with anemia and flu chase melancholy. It is important that the bottles, which will store the mixture to be of dark glass, as you wish you could sterilize them for about 15 minutes in a water bath, but only prepare fruit exclude any treatment such as cooking and baking because it contains valuable ingredients are unstable in heat treatment.