Proper nutrition of a woman after 50 is one of the most important in terms of the changes that occur in the body. In the transitional age of menopause, hormonal rearrangements occur, which are difficult because they take place against the difficult background of a slowed metabolism.

The changes, on the other hand, are significant. Not only is the body no longer the same, but the way a woman feels in this period is also different. Menopausal symptoms, along with loss of motor activity and strength, range from irritating to unbearably severe. The state of the digestive system becomes even more important at such a stressful time for the body.

Proper nutrition for women after 50

This should be taken as a fact and find its expression in the menu. Proper nutrition for a woman after 50: The most suitable foods for women after 50 are those with sufficient protein, regulating the hormonal state. Beans, lentils and chickpeas should be more often on the table. Fruits with a high water content are also welcome on the table to maintain hydration – watermelons, apples and grapes can become a permanent dessert on the table.

Proper nutrition for ladies

Fresh vegetables will satisfy the need for fiber to keep the digestive system working in good harmony. Raw vegetables will work best. What can spoil a good nutritional diet during this period of life? Mindless eating is the cause of most failures.

Nutrition for women after 50

Metabolism works very slowly and if this is not taken into account and the portions are not significantly reduced, excess weight is obtained as a negative result. In the stressful period for the body, insomnia, fatigue and stress increase. They are often showered with coffee, cigarettes and alcohol. They cause anxiety and lead to depression.

Spicy foods and the use of spicy spices increase the attacks of hot flashes, palpitations and nervousness. Estrogen also continues to decline, and along with this, calcium loss increases, bringing osteoporosis very close. In order to eliminate the danger, it is good to include in the food more significantly milk and its products, eggs and sea fish, which contain more calcium.

After 55, however, excessive intake of calcium, iron and copper is not a good idea and should be regulated.