Preparing Your Skin for Fall
Preparing your skin for fall because summer is gone and no time to lose

Preparing your skin for fall  because summer is gone and no time to lose. I don’t want the summer to be over! And I sincerely hope we all enjoy what’s left of it without rushing to buy pumpkin spice lattes, napkins and tablesettings.

Sun, chlorine, and lake water may have felt like heaven, but they do damage the skin, so now it’s time to exfoliate and rehydrate our thirsty cells.

As basic as this seems, many people get it wrong, so let me begin with a short summary:
Your face will be cleansed, exfoliated and nano-infused with Bulgarian rose oils, Q10 and a deeply hydrating hyaluronic acid serum. Finished with an oxygen treatment to revitalize and protect.

Be cognizant of your cleanser. Fragrant, soapy cleansers might feel nice after a day in the sun, but they strip the skin of moisture. It’s time to switch to a soap-free hydrating cleanser. The creamier, the better. And make sure to rinse off fully.

man preparing his skin for fall
Prepare your skin for fall with the necessary natural medicines and cosmetics

Exfoliate with a natural oil-based scrub. Coffee, anyone? Yes, fresh out of the can coffee grinds will leave you exfoliated and hydrated. And it has a beautiful side effect. It’s loaded with polyphenols and anti-oxidants.
Start using grapeseed oil on your face and body.

It will provide a resilient, oily barrier, which means reduced water loss and improved hydration. It’s healthy, jam-packed with vitamins, minerals and lignins, known to sooth and protect.  Protect your face. Use zinc-oxide based sunscreens or a BB cream with SPF 25 or higher daily.

Reach for the organic, paraben-free option. Don’t forget your arms and neck. Avoid getting unsightly age spots and dryness by covering up adequately and treating your arms and neck accordingly.