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Potatoes cause type 2 diabetes if they consume excessive amounts

Potatoes cause diabetes type 2 if they consume excessive amounts. Seven or more meals with them week increased the risk to more than 33%. A new medical study found that potato dishes besides delicious and can be dangerous.

It turns out that seven or more of them, consumed for the period of one week, can increase the risk of developing type 2 diabetes compared to consumption of a similar dish in the same period.

Even two to four meals can increase this risk by 10%. A medical test was conducted at the Center for prevention of cancer and cardiovascular disease in Osaka.

Researchers found that even though potatoes are considered a vegetable, they should not be considered a healthy component of the diet. The most harmful logical first place proved fries.

With many better qualities distinguish boiled, baked and mashed potatoes, but it can also be overdone. The data obtained can be explained by the fact that the potatoes are detected huge amount of starch and minor amounts of vitamins, minerals, fibers and polyphenols.

Namely low quality carbohydrates increase the risk of developing the disease. At the beginning of the study participants were completely healthy. They do not suffer from any cardiovascular disease, diabetes or cancer.

French fries
In potatoes there is a large amount of starch and a small amount of vitamins, which increases the risk of diabetes

In the study, scientists observed the eating habits of more than 100,000 people in the US and how they affect their health.

French fries

Finally waking gone irrefutable connection between consumption of potatoes and the development of diabetes. It turned out even that the results obtained factors such as lifestyle, body fat, body weight and diet have no effect.

Tests show that when the root is served hot, the starch in them is digested much easier. In this way, glucose in the blood rises much faster.

It has been found that if we replace three portions of potatoes with whole grains, reduces the risk of diabetes by 12%. General consumption of any healthy foods such as fruits, nuts and vegetables reduces that risk, scientists are clear.