spices in Thai cuisine
What are your favorite spices in Thai cuisine

What are your favorite spices in Thai cuisine? The increasingly popular worldwide Thai cuisine at first glance seem strange and exotic.

And not only because of the proposed semi-legal market stewed brain of a monkey, fried cockroaches or fried ribs rat … not that tasty, but knowing person from what they were prepared …

Unusual for us and because of the strong spices use bold, but with tact and sophistication to any dish.

The essence of this exotic cuisine is the use of various spices. Its other distinctive feature is that everything is cooked with fresh ingredients. This makes it one of the healthiest in the world.

Popular spices in Thai cuisine
Popular spices in Thai cuisine, which is used in a perfect way to get a delicious meal

And third – Thais enjoy eating as a supreme act of pleasure and are therefore shared table is a gift, not a burden.

Make a meal can take hours. But it does delight afterwards can hardly describe.

Thai cooking art can actually be divided into four regionolni style – northern, northeastern, central and southern.

But all of them are united by the idea of ​​balance between the five basic tastes – spicy, sour, salty, sweet and bitter. Yet at the base are spices. And they are pretty close to the taste of the Bulgarians.

– basil – its varieties in Thailand called horapha, kaprahao or maenglak;
– chili / spicy chilli – Thais claim that their peppers are the chili;

Spices in-Thailand-cuisine
delicious meal to emphasize the delicate flavor without bothering strong spices

– caramel – extracting it from the island Moluka and expensive as saffron;
– coriander – unlike us Bulgarians in Thailand used not only leaves but also roots;
– cumin – Thais it added to curry;
– ginger – eat it planed salad with lots of vinegar, use it for making various types of marinade. Its variety is galangalat, which has a slightly sour taste and is used to flavor soups from chicken or fish.

– Lemongrass – something like a little similarity of the leaves of fresh garlic. Young shoots are eaten raw, but older used spice in almost any type of dishes. The main ingredient of the famous soup Thom eat;

– lime – it has virtually no juice and the meat is used to highlight the taste of different spicy or spicy sauces and salads;

– leaves of lime – they are fleshy and even aromatic lemon itself. Cut to retail and add to salads, soups or sauces;
– garlic – perhaps the most popular spice in Thailand, which is used in almost every dish.