Pheromone perfume helps
Pheromone perfume helps us to choose the right partner

Pheromone perfume helps us to choose the right partner. Pheromones are those flavoring substances that attract the opposite sex. Pheromones affect the subconscious level and are important for creating healthy offspring.

The most prominent is androstenonat, which is separated from the glands of man and some animals. What is implied by this pheromone of the female sex remains shrouded in mystery and speculation.

Scientists are still more than 30 years to seek an answer to this question and to learn all about pheromones. According to experts feel attracted to someone whose smell we like. They call this process – MHC, which means that the most attractive for us, one must have an individual and pleasant for us smell that draws us to him.

Scientists explain that when the genes of two people are compatible and suitable for creating a healthy generation, you love his smell and it attracts you.

There is also the opposite case, when the genes of two people are not suitable for creating a good generation and risk of genetic defects, the smell signals a threat. In this case, the smell of that person you back from it to prevent you from creating a generation with genetic disorders.

In other words, when you do not like the smell of a man, he is not your biological suits. To create a healthy relationship and family, of course, take many more things like compatibility of character, intellect, temperament and the like.

 Pheromone perfume to regulate menstruation improve mood
Pheromone perfume to regulate menstruation improve mood and create healthy offspring

Male pheromones affect hormone levels in women to regulate menstruation, reproductive system and improves the mood of women. Pheromones are not a substance, while complex ones. Some perceive odors, while others perceive one another level we call intuition.

Perfumes with feromoniFeromonite today increasingly applied in perfumery and cosmetics to create perfumes, lotions and body oils. It is claimed that scent has a sexual twist, like musk, ambergris and tsibetin – flavors exciting and provocative sweetness and sensuality.

Pheromone make us more confident, more successful and raise self-esteem. In an important meeting recommended to use this perfume because it contributes to better communication, overcome feelings of fear and uncertainty. Choose your flavor and perfume with pheromones that will help you be more attractive, charismatic and charming.