perfect cocktail for fall
cocktail Dark ‘n’ Stormy

The perfect cocktail for fall proposed by the cocktail Dark ‘n’ Stormy been identified as the most appropriate drink for this season, but to her cook at home, you will need only two ingredients – ginger beer and rum. Bartenders recommend 120 milliliters of beer to mix with 60 milliliters of Gosling’s Black Seal, then better to mix.

Although the ingredients are not hard to find in many cocktail bars are served sweet or watery options that spoil the image of this classic cocktail, writes Bloomberg. Often ginger beer was replaced with ginger ale, which completely spoils the characteristic taste and flavor of the cocktail.

How to prepare the perfect cocktail for fall

One of the best versions of Dark ‘n’ Stormy is made in the bar of the Hotel Ritz-Carlton Key Biscayne in Miami. There have enriched simple recipe with few ingredients, and their work is called Caribbean Storm.

For its preparation takes 60 milliliters of rum Mount Gay Black Barrel, 30 milliliters colored liqueur St. Germain, 30 ml lime juice 30 ml sugar syrup 30 ml sugar syrup 30 ml ginger ale, 15 milliliters Italian bitter liqueur Fernet and slices of cucumber and lemon for decoration.

At the bottom of the bowl put two slices of cucumber. Liquid ingredients are mixed in a shaker and then poured into a cup, and finally garnish with a slice of cucumber and lemon slices.

This cocktail is pure aphrodisiac in liquid form. Lime pieces make you dance; sweet brown sugar acts as a fuel in your veins; Rum makes you passionate as fire.

Mojito original recipe

Not accidentally mojito associated with hot summer nights, wild dancing and passionate dating – though created in Cuba! The warm weather is coming and if you want to rekindle the passion of its krevatni buddy (or just make it such) a great way to learn the following recipe:
Ingredients (for 1 cocktail):

the best cocktail for fall
Perfect cocktail for fall or in other words an aphrodisiac in liquid form

1-2 shots (1 = shot about 25 grams) light rum
1-2 pm. Tablespoons brown sugar
1-2 pm. Tablespoons white sugar
1 cup soda water
1 lime, cut into 4
1 handful mint leaves
crushed ice
Make sweet syrup. Put some water to boil on low heat and add white and brown sugar, stirring until melted. Pull from heat and add part of mint leaves, pre-curled. Let cool and put the syrup in the refrigerator for about half an hour.

Crush ice in a blender or with improvised means, if you do not – but beware! In a tall glass put 2 pieces of lime and a little mint leaves and mash them with a longer device and add crushed ice on top to just below the middle of the cup. On this mixture pour a little of the sweet syrup, stir again, add the rum and then top up with soda.