soap with parsnips vegetable
Parsnips vegetable with many nutritional values ​​useful in cooking recipes

Parsnips vegetable with many nutritional values, good helper in the kitchen. Improve digestion with incredible parsnips! Parsnip is from the same family of origin not only carrots but celery, parsley and dill.

Kinship ties can be recognized by their leaves and flowers. Vegetable is widely distributed in the Mediterranean for thousands of years. Information about him, however, overlap with those of carrots, which at that time were colorful – from purple to white.

Today they are clearly distinguishable. Carrots are orange and parsnips is white to light yellow. Parsnip is hard and stringy carrot, but after heat treatment softens almost to the structure of cooked potato.

If left to develop, parsnips soars meters over carrots, and its beautiful yellow leaves are a replica of those of celery and dill. Parsnip is widely used in culinary circles.

Today most often enter into the composition of a variety of soups, salads and garnishes different dishes of stew meat and fish, mushrooms, potatoes and others.

It is recommended in stews be combined with potatoes, mushrooms, carrots and cabbage because the sugar content is much higher than that of other root vegetables – carrots, beets, turnips, etc.

Parsnips vegetable
Parsnips vegetable with many values

While the appearance of a carrot, it tastes parsnips is the closest thing to wilderness. It is light and spicy. Apart from the wonderful taste, parsnips is recommended for consumption because of their concentrated levels of essential oils, magnesium, phosphorus, iron and vitamins C and B.

It contains the active substance pastinatsin. It has vasodilatory and antispasmodic effect. Therefore vegetables are recommended for people with angina and high blood pressure.

Consumption of parsnip improves digestion, while improving appetite. Beneficial influence on the work of the kidneys. Parsnip extract used for preparation of a medicament for topical application in the vitiligo.

It is more that parsnips is a natural aphrodisiac, like celery and ginger. When buying parsnips, choose solid roots, without rotten spots. Smaller suitable for soups, while larger – for salads, purees and baking. In many recipes potatoes can be replaced with parsnip.