Whichever version is true, it is worth trying the Opera Cake to understand what the French are so admired and why it has won worldwide fame.

sweet Cake Opera
Special cake for special occasions!

Products for cake 24×24 cm

6 eggs
270 g of sugar
235 grams of finely ground almonds
4 broken snow
45 g of flour
45 g of melted butter
100 ml cold syrup for syrup
80 g of melted natural chocolate for spreading the lower blade

Oil Cream with Coffee:

6 yolks, 180 g of sugar, 2 tsp. instant coffee, 150 ml of water, 185 g of a very soft oil

Last Cream:

Delicious Opera cake
I would also like to try my variation on the Opera Cake.

200 g of natural chocolate, 150 ml of hot liquid cream, 50 g of soft butter

* Layer : In a large bowl, mix the eggs, almonds, vanilla and sugar (you can replace almonds with finely ground hazelnuts). Blow everything up on a fluffy white cream. Pour the flour and mix. Add 3 parts of the broken proteins by gently stirring with a blade. Finally, pour the oil and mix again (the oil and adding it will eventually add light elasticity to the marsh).

Divide the dough into two thin swamps in large rectangular trays covered with baking paper. The most convenient is to use the oven trays. Bake them for about 10-12 minutes at 180 *. Cool well and remove the paper. From the two marshes cut 2 squares with a size of 24 cm. From the other pieces cut two rectangular pieces of 12×24 cm each so that you can join them get a third square 24x24cm. One of the entire squares smears with a thin layer of melted chocolate and let it harden. The cake can also be made smaller if your trays are not large enough. Please consider the appropriate sizes yourself. For example, I made the cake rectangular. To cut the marsh accurately, use a line.

Opera Cake
This Opera Cake is leading the battle for the world’s finest cake

* Oil cream with coffee: Beat yolks to bloom. From the water, sugar and coffee boil syrup to 118 *. Apply it gradually to a very thin jet of yolks (literally drops) by continuously crushing with a mixer. Continue to crush until the cream cools completely and becomes dense and fluffy. Leave it for a short time in the refrigerator to cool well, then add the butter in small amounts, shaking it again with a mixer. I will allow myself to repeat that the cream should be cold when you add the oil. Otherwise, it may be interrupted. If this happens, put it in the refrigerator and whisk again before you apply it to the marsh. If you love a stronger coffee flavor, increase the amount of coffee.

* Last Cream: Crush the chocolate and pour over it with hot cream. Stir until smooth and add the oil. Agitate again until the oil is fully absorbed by the chocolate.

* Assembling: Place the greased bake with chocolate on the bottom of a flat plate. With a brush, syrup with milk slightly. (Here is the time to note that the marshes are moistened with coffee sugar syrup, but I chose fresh milk because I put a pretty instant coffee in the cream and did not want to overdo it.) Put on the swamps half of the egg cream and spread evenly.

Cover the two rectangular pieces of swamp by joining them in a square. Syrup and smear with ganache. If the cream hardens, warm it gently in a microwave or water bath. The Ghanais should be thick but soft to be able to apply evenly. Put on it the last piece of blade, syrup and smear with the remaining egg cream. Straighten well. If you have a rectangular cake limiter do not hesitate to use it, but it’s not a problem if you do not. All sides of the cake are cut with a knife before it is served to become flat and to see the layers. Store the cake in the refrigerator for at least 6 hours before pouring it with glaze.