Nutritional composition of lettuce
Nutritional composition of lettuce purifies the body and acts as a diuretic

Why nutritional composition of lettuce is important for your weight loss diet. Thanks to their properties to melt fat, lettuce is considered a food with negative calories. Therefore, this vegetable is mandatory for any low-calorie diet for weight loss. You may eat any of the various types of lettuce – curly iceberg and more.

Lettuce is a vegetable with negative calories because calories needed for its processing of the body (40kal / 100 grams) are more than those who supplied him (13 cal / 100 g). Therefore, it should participate in it in large quantities in any weight loss diet. Moreover, it satisfies quite well.

No matter which kind of lettuce you eat, their properties remain the same. Here is the nutritional value of lettuce is 100 g: Calories – 13 mud Carbohydrates – 2.9 g, Protein – 0.9 g, fat – 0.1 grams, Water – 96 g. Fiber – 0,5 – 1 1 g (depending on type of lettuce), Calcium – 20- 68 mg. Iron – from 0.5 to 1.1 mg (depending on type of lettuce), Sodium – 10 mg, Potassium – 22- 42 mg. Vitamin B1 – 0.06 mg. Vitamin B2 – 0.06 mg. Vitamin C – 6 21 mg.

This chemical composition is based on the properties of lettuce that help in weight loss, strengthen because of the water content and fiber. A diuretic is because the contents of water and potassium. Purify for fiber content. Reduces blood pressure, cholesterol and triglitseriidite. Antioxidant for the content of vitamins and minerals. Lettuce is not recommended for people with divertikulis, irritable bowel syndrome, peptic ulcer and hernia.

Benefits of the nutritional composition of lettuce. Green salad is high in magnesium. This element plays a role in tissue repair, nerve, brain and muscles. Large amounts of folic acid in fresh green leaves prevent birth defects in children in the wombs of their mothers. Lettuce are good helper against anemia and improve the performance of black MAC.

With its abundance of vitamins A and C, lettuce and proved a powerful tool in the fight against cancer. Beta-carotene it does is famous fighter against various diseases such as cardiovascular, stroke and cancer.

Benefits of the nutritional composition of lettuce
nutritional composition of lettuce is important for your weight loss diet

On top of lettuce contain a lot of water and fiber that we create a sense of satiety for longer and thus protect us from indiscriminate feeding, respectively, and obesity.

In weight loss diets is recommended to consume varieties with hard leaves, because they are processed more slowly by the body and contain more fiber. Lettuce is also rich in water, which allows the body to better hydrated and the fibers helps to better digestion and addition of a feeling of satiety.

Lettuce are recommended as food for men who suffer from premature ejaculation. Along with dill and egg, lettuce is considered a natural aphrodisiac that enhance sexual desire. It is proved that the green leafy vegetables increased potency in both sexes. Lettuce have utility as therapeutic agents in the water retention in the body, as well as in decreased bowel. The fresh juice of lettuce with great success applies to physical exhaustion, nervous fatigue, water retention and swelling.

After everything said here logically follows that lettuce is a great fighter against constipation, which again is due to the fiber in it, which facilitate the work of the intestine. Green salad can be beneficial in the treatment of indigestion, arthritis, circulatory problems and colitis.