Nutritional composition of corn
Do you know what is the nutritional composition of corn

Do you know what is the nutritional composition of corn, and which diseases treated? Prescription for an antiviral action .  Corn has antiviral action. This is due to protease inhibitors. Recipe against pyelonephritis for several months as a drink 2 liters of water, 100 g of corn and corn contracted (hair) as well as 100 grams of dried rose hips.

The mixture is put to boil 10 minutes, then remove from the heat and leave to soak until cooled down. Drink three times a day. The effect of this light is exceptional. Recipe against Buerger’s disease – first variant Corn flour and alcohol in equal amounts mixed and imposed on those affected by the disease places. It helps a lot, but if the disease is in its infancy. Recipe against Buerger’s disease – a second option. Corn flour mixed with pure wine vinegar and make dough. Imposes on the spot and stay there for about two hours. Reference is for three weeks every day without interruption. Recipe for trouble bile is made tincture: 1. L. Curled corn boil in 250 g of water.

Then allowed to stand for 1 hour and filtered. Drink ’50 30 min before meal. Recipe for cardiovascular diseases decoction of corn fiber has a diuretic effect and is used in edema associated with diseases of cardiovascular system and kidneys. It is also useful for problems with the urinary tract and prostate. It is better to be prepared with oats. Two tablespoons of the mixture pour half a liter of water and leave for 15 minutes on a slow fire. Potion is cooled, strained and consumed one-third cup four times a day.

corn use in cooking use of maize in medicine
Nutritional composition of corn and method of use in cooking use of maize in medicine

Recipe for rapid blood clotting vitamin K content in maize fibers increases blood clotting, so tincture can be taken as a styptic. It is in the preparation and use and nettles. A soup spoon mixture of corn fibers and nettle pour a glass of water and taken one teaspoon every three hours. Recipe for depression and neurosis of corn and flour. Corn contains large amounts of potassium, which is needed for normal functioning of the heart and blood vessels because increases urine output. Magnesium, which is not least it is necessary for bones and rhythmic work of the heart. Phosphorus is a component of the bone tissue, and also has a binding component of the cell nucleus of the nervous system.

So corn is useful for depression and neurosis. Recipe for good eyesight and good skin Yellow corn maize containing a large amount karotimoidi are one of the best protectors of vision, along with carrots, pumpkin and orange. Just remember that cooking should be selected fragile mammoth milky waxy-looking, not old and hard. Overripe beans with its coarse hardly absorbed by the body. Recipe for the treatment of atherosclerosis particularly useful food and medicine for the body is corn oil, and it will then be prepared from corn germ.

Oil content in maize seeds reached 50%. It has the peculiarity reduces the level of cholesterol in the blood and therefore can not be taken for prevention and treatment of atherosclerosis. Corn oil contains vitamin E, continuing our lives and departing age. Not surprisingly, in cosmetics using additives from corn oil. It improves the stretchability and the barrier properties of the skin, and it forms on the skin surface moisture-proof pellet (layer). Corn is useful and intensive muscle work. Improves gut, stimulates secretion of bile and gut motility.

Corn helps with constipation and toxins. Corn is useful for teeth and gums such as apples and carrots. Maize is recommended that as well as peas, does not contain gluten (plant protein), which is not absorbed by the body and that can cause allergy. Sugar corn is also very useful. It contains 14% sugar and is very useful for children. Valuable when it is over, because it has high biological value. It is rich in sugars, proteins, mineral salts and vitamins (A, B1, B2, PP). Due valuable and taste and high biological value and it is very good food for children, the sick and the elderly.

It is its preventive and curative effect against atherosclerosis and high content of vitamin U makes dietary and medicinal product for patients with ulcer and gastritis. The medicinal properties of the sugar corn are: contains chemical compounds and cellulose, which prevent the development of cancer, reducing the risks of cardiovascular disease, a disease of the teeth, and cancer of the digestive system, in some countries, the corn grains are used as a drug against diabetes, diuretic and laxative deysrvie.