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Nutritional benefits of sturgeon, a rich source of vitamins. Sturgeon is the common name used for several species of fish belonging to the family Sturgeon / Acipenseridae /. Sturgeon is a fish bone where the majority of the skeleton is cartilage. Another hallmark of these sea creatures is that the length of the body are five rows bony plates. Most members of the family have elongated, pointed nose and mustache.
species of sturgeon
In the family Sturgeon fall many types, the most popular among them are Beluga, Russian sturgeon, Siberian sturgeon, starry sturgeon and Sterlet.
Beluga is considered the most representative of big sturgeon. It can live up to 100 years, meanwhile, can grow to several meters and should gain up to 1200 kg. In this type of fish puberty occurs later, the mere reproduction is carried out every few years. Caviar thrown into rivers and emerging Huso huso feed on invertebrates.

Cooking sturgeon
Nutritional benefits of sturgeon, a way of making baked sturgeon in combination with rice and mushrooms, meat of sturgeon contains essential amino acids with exceptional nutritional qualities

Russian sturgeon features a far more modest sizes. It reaches a weight of 10 to 20 kilograms, is about 2 meters long. Live fifty years. Sexual maturity in females occurs at age 12 years, while males-six years. Reproduction is carried out every 3-4 years. Small fish eat organisms from the surface layers.
Siberian sturgeon is about 2 meters long and weighs about 200 kilograms. This type of sturgeon live about 60 years. Females mature sexually 17th year. In males puberty occurs at the age of 11 years. This type is considered to be quickly adaptable to different conditions and can easily be grown in specialized farms and ponds.
Starry sturgeon reaches a length of 2 m and increases until about 80 kg. Live approximately 25 years. In males puberty occurs in four years, while females-in eight years. Reproduction is carried out every 2-3 years.
roasted sturgeon
Sturgeon up to 1 meter in length. The maximum weight of fish amounts to 20 kg. Sturgeon is considered to be the finest sturgeon species. In males sexual maturity comes after the age of four years, while females when they reach the age of at least seven years. She lives freely in nature, but is also grown in fish farms.
Cooking sturgeon
Sturgeon meat is preferred by chefs because it was not full of petty and annoying bones, which could spoil the charm of each specialty. Taste of the fish is very tasty. You can not help but notice that resembles meat and animal meat. This is due to it contains glutamic acid.
Fish subject to various heat treatment, which means that it can be successfully baked in the oven or grill or fry in a pan. Sturgeon also suitable for steaming, marinating and batter.
With spices such as tarragon, basil, celery, black pepper, white pepper, cloves, thyme, lemon balm, dill and parsley, it becomes an ideal component of soups, stews, baked dishes, pots, salads, sandwiches, pizza, pasta.
It works well with all vegetables and mushrooms and rice. If you have not decided what to cook with your sturgeon, you can stop the Gyuvetch Sturgeon and steamed sturgeon.
Benefits Sturgeon

Benefits Sturgeon
Nutritional benefits of sturgeon, a rich source of vitamins

Snack Meat Sturgeon is useful for many reasons. First, it is a source of vitamin A, vitamin D and vitamin E. These vitamins are essential for the proper development of our organism and to maintain our health. In addition to vitamins and minerals it contains essential amino acids and essential fatty acids.
The meat of sturgeon is a source of glutamic acid, a certain amount of polyunsaturated fatty, sulfur-containing eicosapentaenoic and docosahexaenoic acids, making it an exceptional food. Snack sturgeon is good even the brain, eyes and heart.
It has been shown that even a positive impact on skin, hair and nails. Experts said the fish is a wonderful tool in the prevention of atherosclerosis. It is useful not only the meat of sturgeon, and caviar but the fish. It is a source of polyunsaturated acids. It recommended for weak and frail people, and patients with high blood pressure.