Neutral products in combined nutrition to enhance metabolism. The correct combination of food products in the menu is a basic requirement for their rapid metabolism, as well as for maximum absorption of their ingredients. The requirement for correct combination applies to the main types of nutrients – carbohydrates, proteins and lipids.

Neutral products citrus fruits
Neutral products citrus fruits

Their simultaneous intake affects the speed with which the gastrointestinal tract processes each of them, and the wrong combination in the menu for one meal is the most common cause of discomfort and heaviness in the stomach after eating. It is good to keep in mind that carbohydrates, proteins and fats are found in different amounts not only in the foods that are our main meal, but also in light side dishes and even in spices.

What does combined nutrition mean

In this group, however, products can be distinguished that nutritionists and experts in healthy eating define as completely neutral foods. This means that these products can be combined with any food, regardless of what nutrients dominate their composition. Spices, herbs, which are used for culinary needs, as well as citrus fruits are indicated as neutral foods.

These products can be consumed at the same time with any type of main meal without creating the risk of overloading the digestive tract and without the risk of post-meal discomfort. It is believed that spices and citrus fruits do not negatively affect the effect of weight loss diets and can be included freely in any of them.

Oranges, lemons, limes and mandarins are included in the group of neutral citrus fruits, which can be eaten simultaneously with carbohydrates and proteins, as well as with fattier foods. More interesting from the point of view of combinatory nutrition is the group of neutral spices.

Neutral products eating ginger
Neutral products eating ginger

It includes not only individual aromatic plants and herbs, but also combined products that we use to flavor our food. It is about mustard, curry, garlic paste, as well as ginger paste, different types of vinegar.

What are neutral products

All citrus fruits, spices and herbs, as well as their sauces, which do not include artificial additives, can be safely used to flavor any type of main dish according to our individual taste. There is no evidence of adverse consequences from including them in diets and special nutritional regimes prescribed for toning or detoxing the body.

If you are going to start a healthy lifestyle, it is time to clean your body of unnecessary substances and various toxins.