Natural products that can kill you if you do not know their ingredients. Recently becoming more modern everything is sold is natural, natural, natural and real.

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Natural products that can kill you if you do not know their

The obsession became so great that the products, the fruit of centuries of hard scientific work, are considered almost poisonous.

Even if you ignore the fact that modern advertising techniques can earn and plastic natural and natural product, the truth is that not everything bearing the above two definitions is safe and will not harm you.

Here are what are natural products that can kill you. Salt is actually a natural product, but too much of it can lead to dehydration and dangerously increase your blood pressure.

Wormwood is the main ingredient for the creation of absinthe. Known in as natural a product widely used in folk medicine. It is used even in agriculture to combat worms and caterpillars.

Herb, however, can cause severe hallucinations and renal failure. From the seeds of castor make castor oil. The oil itself is completely safe and is mainly used for cosmetics.

The seeds however are deadly

They contain ricin, which is the most powerful naturally occurring poison. Only one seed can kill you. Water intoxication is a real thing that happens when you drink too much water too quickly.

It can lead to death. Marathon runners are particularly susceptible to it. Soybeans may disturb the production of hormones in the body in several ways.

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Natural products that can kill you if you do not know their properties and do not know what amount can be consumed in one day

The plant primarily affects the production of estrogen and thyroid hormones.

This property has its associated with numerous health problems, among which are several types of cancer.

Agave nectar has become lately very popular as white sugar substitute or vegan alternative to honey. But he has a much higher fructose than sugar.

This carries huge risk of developing insulin resistance. Brazil nuts contain high amounts of selenium.

The high consumption of these nuts can lead to is, making selenium, resulting in hair loss, thinning of the nail, and even death.