Mustard beneficial ingredients
Mustard beneficial ingredients, method of preparation of mustard, mustard recipes, medicinal properties of mustard and enhance human immunity

Mustard beneficial ingredients that help treat many diseases choveka. Meditsite argue that 1 teaspoon of mustard per day significantly improves digestion, rid of constipation, clears skin and diabetes reduce the content of sugar in the blood. It is also believed that a woman can become much more fruitful, if often eat mustard seeds that are made mustard.

Chemical composition of mustard. The oil which is obtained from mustard seeds, the most useful of all kinds of vegetable oils. It is a great antiseptic, whose composition has a whole range of vitamins A, B6, D, E, K, P, which enhances immunity rights, strengthens the heart and prevents atherosclerosis.

In addition to vitamins mustard oil contains magnesium, sulfur, iron, sodium, potassium, calcium, that significantly improve the liver and bladder. Such a “bouquet” of useful elements not only activates the metabolism, but also slows aging and – attention! – Helps to lose weight!

Pungent mustard drug. If you are tired, drink 20-30 mustard seeds with water once a day for 20 days and more. Berries must be from the last harvest. Headache 3 tsp mustard powder were mixed with water to form a thick gruel, which was allowed to stand for 5 minutes.

This mixture was applied to fabric and made compress at the base of the neck in 5 minutes. In sinusitis (chronic rhinitis) daily lightly rub the area around the nose and the temples, but are not rubbed. At constant application of this procedure, the problem disappears.

When inflammation of the lungs slightly bake mustard seed, ground to powder, mixed with honey. Prepare tablets the size of a bean. Accepted 10 tablets a day with a decoction of ginger. In bladder stones 100 grams of mustard powder poured liter of old wine.

Beneficial ingredients ot mustard
Mustard beneficial ingredients that help treat many diseases choveka

Drink 50 ml 3 times per day, as previously liquid was shaken well. In rheumatism and gout are mixed 100 g of mustard seed, 100 grams of salt and pure kerosene to obtain a thick gruel. She rubbed the sick places. To stimulate blood circulation helps bath with excellent packet of mustard powder.

French ubiquitous learned from mustard seed to cook pasta and cream, with dark red and mustard seeds went to peppery mustard and white – for tender. Since then, this product divided into acute and soft varieties. One of nayostrite mustard is Chinese. It is added to water or low-alcoholic beer.

Almost as is burning and English mustard – her than water add flour and turmeric. In the French city of Dijon is made most glorious mustard – Dijon. It included white wine, various roots and pepper. Soft mustard us cry, but only emphasize the taste of the dish. Such is the German Dusseldorf mustard, French sweet-sour mustard American mustard and bright.

These types of mustard are served on salads, fish and seafood. And you can prepare your own mustard as a cook powdered mustard seeds and add oil, pepper, salt, sugar, vinegar, cloves. Introducing elements thoroughly agitate the mixture. Then leave it to rest for 2-3 days. During this time she will “mature”.

Mustard Store in tightly closed glass container on the bottom shelf in the refrigerator no more than six months from the day of production. But to fall in love with mustard still not worth it. Mustard is a poisonous plant and abuse of the product works, you may experience difficulty in breathing, get bradycardia until loss of consciousness.

People with stomach ulcers, acute gastroenterokoliti, varicose veins, allergies to mustard and inflammation of the kidneys should be careful with the use of this product.