filling foods bean potato
Most filling foods to lose weight, interesting prouchvanie food high in carbohydrates and fiber

Most filling foods to lose weight will fight hunger, because it is these products will keep you satisfied longer. Of these foods you can eat large portions because they are not calorie bomb and will not harm your diet. Dr. David Katz, founder of the Research Centre for Prevention of Yale University, recommend them to anyone wanting to lose weight. Foods rich in fiber and protein and sate for a long time.

Baked potatoes

According to research on satiety 38 food potatoes were found to be more filling even brown rice and whole-grain bread. The study also demonstrated that serving baked potatoes will keep City at least two hours after you’ve eaten them.

Although when they start dieting people avoid them because of their high content of carbohydrates, potatoes are recommended food roasted or cooked state by many experts.


filling foods eating eggs
Most filling foods to lose weight will fight hunger because it is these products will keep you satisfied longer

Survey Saint Louis University shows people who eat eggs every morning, they have weakened more than others because the eggs had satiated them, so do not eat too abundant during your diet. Eggs are filled with a useful protein and amino acids, which are important for the suppression of appetite.

Bean soup

The dish is complete in fiber and good carbohydrates, which not only will not gain weight, but will satiate your hunger and so did not eat in 10 minutes. Calories are small and there is no danger of bean soup can harm your diet.


Yogurt is one of the most useful products in weight loss. This conclusion reached by Harvard researchers who studied 120 000 people for 20 years. The results showed that the milk proteins keep us City for a long time.

Apple did nothing to harm the regime and your weight loss will increase if you feel hungry. Just one apple is needed for your satiety, the experts advise to choose the fruit raw, and not in the form of juice or puree.

Popcorn will also make you feel the city because of its energy density. They fill the stomach after eating and while not you have eaten a large amount, you will feel full.

filling foods roasted potatoes rosemary
potatoes were found to be more filling even brown rice and whole-grain bread

Figs are rich in fiber, but to no harm regimen for weight loss, it is advisable to eat them raw.


Oats is degraded more slowly than the digestive system, because of which will feel satisfied longer. Furthermore, oatmeal is rich in fiber, which is beneficial for your body, not even dieting.

Wheat grains

And a small amount of wheat grains contain enough fiber and protein to keep you full. Fiber simultaneously suppress appetite and stimulate metabolism.