most exotic masks
The most exotic masks and massages in the world that you’re not supposed to exist

The most exotic masks and massages in the world that you’re not supposed to exist. Probably not any of you can afford exotic spa procedure, but in this article I will introduce you to the most unusual treats for the body, which are found only in few places in the world. To begin with Japan – this is where today’s wealthy can afford the mask on the face or body of … pure gold.

Japanese beauticians claim that this is an amazing tool for rejuvenation – gold whitens, removes wrinkles and gives tone and fresh look. His face and body are covered with a special liquid, composed of 24-karat gold. After some time the gold solidifies on the body. Then a shine you can safely compete with studded precious metal pharaohs.

The price of gold face mask is about 200 dollars, but to feel golden man will need about $ 2,000. If you golden masks seem expensive, then you have no more interesting alternative. Namely mask with chicken tsvak. Most preferred are swallows and nightingales.

Chocolate massage

Once even Japanese geishas are subjected to these procedures to give the faces porcelain hue. Now such rejuvenating treatments are available in Japan and China, but the coolest spa place that are coryphaeus masks with bird droppings is Diamond salon in Hawaii.

Know, however, that feces are processed so that you know what you are really never know. No smell or look like feces. The undisputed leader in the procedures for hair care is Hari’s Salon in London. There offering hair masks of black caviar.

Chocolate massage
We present to you the most exotic masks and massages in the world, massage with six snakes, masks with bird droppings, ancient rituals of Aztec masks with bird droppings

Embellishments worth 210 dollars. This salon is famous for another procedure called Viagra for hair. Even Hollywood stars arrive in private jets to pamper her. The hair is treated with a mixture of semen from bulls most prolific Aberdeen. Once you get startling brilliance, plus incredible volume. You can simply take a picture in an advertisement for shampoo.

Now we move to Mexico, where do spa treatments based on ancient rituals of the Aztecs. So you lie down, and cosmetics, equipped with thick gloves, so it can not Pokey, tamped on your back pieces of cacti. This dramatically increases the blood flow and metabolism in the subcutaneous area. Incidentally this ritual is performed in some places in Europe, but European beauticians do not do it with such finesse and craftsmanship as Mexicans.

In the northern part of Israel or India adrenaline will raise massage with six snakes that crawl all over your body and massage the muscles and joints. Some women tried snake massage, claim that the body feels better than after sex with a man. Some people receive and orgasm, while snakes glide over the body.