Miraculous tincture stimulates brain activity
increases the efficiency of the heart and improves the overall well-being of the body

Miraculous tincture to stimulate brain activity improvement of mental activity. We all want to live longer! In order not to confront many different diseases, we offer you a miraculous tincture based on garlic.

It excels in atherosclerosis, reduced brain activity, age-related hearing loss, chronic fatigue and impaired bowel function.

After completing a full course of treatment with tincture, many people see a sharp increase in efficiency and mental activity, weight loss and overall wellbeing improvement.

Some claim that even their long-term depression even subsides, and this is related to the purification of blood vessels and the enhancement of brain activity.

For the preparation of the elixir, you will need 350 g of finely chopped garlic (not ground, crushed or planted), 500 ml of strong alcohol (brandy). Mix the garlic with alcohol in a glass pan with a lid and place it in a dark (no light source) place for 10 days.

After the specified amount of time, strain the garlic from the mixture through a sieve and leave the alcohol again in a dark place for a few days.

Miraculous tincture stimulates brain activity

Take the tincture with the following scheme:
– Day 1 – 1 drop of tincture in the morning, 2 drops at noon and 3 drops in the evening;

– Day 2 – In the morning start with 3 drops, 4 drops at noon and 5 drops in the evening;

Miraculous tincture to stimulate brain activity
Miraculous tincture to stimulate brain activity improvement of mental activity

Day 3 – Drink 5 drops in the morning, 6 drops in the afternoon, 7 drops in the evening;

– Day four – start in the morning with 7 drops, 8 drops of lunch and 9 drops for dinner;

– Day Five – Start with 10 drops in the morning, 11 drops at lunch and 12 drops in the evening;

– Sixth day of treatment includes 15 drops in the morning, 14 at noon and 13 in the evening. From this point on, each subsequent dose is reduced by 1 drop, while on the tenth day of treatment one drop is obtained;

– Day 11 – start daily intake of 25 drops of tincture dissolved in 1 tablespoon. fresh milk three times a day – morning, afternoon and evening (but accurately counted 25 drops). This goes on until the tincture is over.

Re-treatment is recommended after 5 years. Tincture is not recommended for people with high acidity of gastric juice, gastritis and stomach ulcers.