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Methods for increase metabolism, some people did not careful about what and how they eat and never gain weight. Others are constantly dieting and weight did not decrease. The main culprit for this is the metabolism. People who have a fast metabolism can eat more and stay slim while people who have slower metabolism complain that they are stuck weight even by the thought of chocolate. If you do not feel good in your skin, it’s time to do something about it.

Here’s how to increase your metabolism and to facilitate the reduction of excess weight.

make fruit salad nuts
Methods for increase metabolism with adequate food and more sports

Exercise! With exercise increases muscle mass and thus burn fat in the body as muscles are spending eight times more calories than any other tissue in the body. Select any kind of physical activity. The best time to train – it’s morning. A number of hormones reach its maximum level just in the morning, and that most stimulates the metabolism.

Therefore, a much greater effect it will have if you exercise in the morning than if you exercise in the late afternoon or evening. Sleep is also very important as a basis for the balance of your metabolism. When not you sleep, your metabolism slows down and you are constantly hungry and snacking carbohydrates, heavy or greasy food, and it takes you back exactly where we’re headed. Therefore, it is best to enter a timetable for intake of carbohydrates. Never go to bed with a full stomach, because this is the time when your metabolism is slower.

Carbs then turn into fat, so it is best to avoid food consumption after 5 pm. It is important with every meal to import proteins in the body. Proteins must be an integral part of every meal because they build muscle tissue that breaks down fats. Also, proteins quickly create a feeling of satiety. Research has shown that people whose diet consists of 55% protein and 45% carbohydrates have lost more weight than those whose diet had a reverse ratio.
How to speed up your metabolism?

fruit salad with nuts
watch your weight and eat fruits and vegetables and low calorie foods

Avoid caffeine to 1 hour before exercise because it will help you burn more fat. Eat peaches because they contain natural carbohydrates that are easily accessible to your body in the moments when you need a little energy boost. You can bet on cereal because it contains carbohydrates that are released slowly into the body so that he long has access to ingredients that are necessary. Dishes such as chicken with rice or spaghetti sauce and minced meat are good for the body because they contain a number of proteins. Eat ripe bananas which also give you energy before or during training.

After exercise Eat salted hazelnuts or almonds, as they are an excellent source of electrolytes (sodium) that are important to establish the balance of body fluids that are lost through sweating.
Green tea is also good for burning calories. One study in Switzerland showed that people who consumed green tea burns about 5 percent more calories than those who consumed coffee.