rosemary oil
Medicinal properties of rosemary oil and helps identify problems this essential oil

Medicinal properties of rosemary oil and helps identify problems this essential oil?

1. Perfect stimulates brain cells responsible for memory. The aroma of rosemary has always been loved by scientists, staff and students because it helps them remember not only names and numbers, but also foreign words;

2. It belongs to a class of energizing scents and acts as an aphrodisiac;

3. A powerful stimulator of the immune activity of the organism;

4. There are a beneficial effect on organs of the digestive system; Able to fight not only with inflammation of the bile, but chasing the stones thereof;

5. assumed and respiratory problems, acts mitigating and relieves cough

6. Regulate the work of the circulatory system and heart muscle and normalizes blood pressure. Rosemary oil is its ability to reduce the levels of harmful cholesterol in blood and has anti sclerosis effect;

7. Acts as a natural analgesic. It is recommended for headaches can be rubbed on the forehead, temples and neck. It relieves stress and is an indispensable tool for massage;

8. restores the body’s defenses and increases its endurance;

9. Eliminate nausea in pregnant women using no more than 5 drops, maybe just by inhaling the aroma through the opening of the bottle;

Medicinal properties of rosemary oil in pregnancy
Medicinal properties of rosemary oil has a pronounced effect on the brain and early pregnancy

10. Effective means for the treatment of vegetative-vascular dystonia, with its help improve cerebral circulation, tired eyes and even improve visual acuity. Rosemary can deliver on condition of fainting and dizziness;

11. rid of uncertainty, suspicion and excessive shyness. The use of this oil is crucial in post-traumatic therapy, it returns the joy in life, delivered from psychological problems;

12. rosemary oil it helps in active physical activities, relieving tired muscles. With it easy to perform exercises for exercise;

13. Reduce the increased secretion of oily skin and helps abbreviation of the pores;

14. Removes scars and abrasions, it is advantageous for acne and has a pronounced anti-cellulite effect;

15. If you want quick and quality tan with sun, drink a glass of water with 1 drop of rosemary oil.