Medicinal properties of pearls
Medicinal properties of pearls are known in ancient China.

Medicinal properties of pearls are known in ancient China. Legends say that the Chinese empresses virtually eliminate wrinkles with pearl dust.

Today pure pearl powder is obtained from crushed pearls, but centuries before being discovered method of their cultivation, pearl powder has been taken from found in marine pearl shell pearls.

Since time immemorial, even today it is being used in traditional Eastern medicine as an anti-inflammatory agent for cleansing the body of toxins, to improve the condition of the nervous system to lower blood pressure in the treatment of epilepsy and insomnia. Chinese doctors use pearl powder and in surgery for faster wound healing.

The powder has antiseptic properties and absorbs excess moisture from the area, thus minimizing the risk of postoperative infection.

At the same time favors the regeneration of tissues. The healing properties of pearls – cosmetics with pearl dust. According to ancient written sources more than 4,000 years ago was discovered and extremely beneficial effects of pearl dust on human skin.

pearl powder
pearl powder used in Eastern medicine to remove wrinkles on the face and regulate skin pigmentation

This makes it one of the most jealously guarded secrets of the eastern rulers.

Only in the last century, a group of researchers set out to investigate its composition. And discover an exceptional combination of natural substances and minerals based on amino acid basis and close to the structure of human skin.

It appears that contains over 12 minerals and about 18 amino acids, 10 of which have medicinal properties and are involved in cellular nutrition.

It also contains iodine, calcium, and vitamins. Pearl powder stimulates natural regeneration and metabolism of human cells, improves blood circulation, regulates the pigmentation and increases skin elasticity, strengthens it and smoothed.

Successfully removes all kinds of stains, shrinks pores and eliminates acne scars heal wounds and burns.

Today, more and more widely used in cosmetics. Products created from natural pearls, cosmetics are used mainly as a means of rejuvenation and delay the aging process.