Delicious and aromatic meatballs leeks.

Meatballs made from leeks – Ingredients for 12 meals:

       Let’s start with the meatballs:

You will need 3-4 potatoes (300 gr.), 7-8 leek onions (700 gr.), a roasted pepper, 2-3 springs of dill, a spoon filled with salt, one egg and bread crumbs for the breading.

       Next on the list is the olives sauce:

For that you will need 100 gr. of olives (pitted, a pickle, two cloves of garlic, 2-3  springs of parsleys, five spoons of mayonnaise, salt and black pepper as you wish.

      Now it’s time for the preparation of the meal:

Easy-and-delicious-meatballs- leeks
Easy and delicious meatballs leeks.


Wash the potatoes, after that boil them in hot water and while they’re still warm peel them. When you do that smash them.

Cut the leeks into rings and when you’re  ready stew them good in water for four minutes in a microwave or in something that you prefer better than the microwave.

When you are done with that remove the cutted leeks from the water while you drain them good from it and after that mix them with the smashed potatoes, then add the cutted pepper and dill, and after that add salt and thyme as much as you like.

The olive sauce is prepared as olives,pickle and dill are chopped into small pieces and when ready you mix them with the smashed garlic and other ingredients, as you stir  them.

The mixture is left aside to cool a bit, as it’s tightening itselve into meatballs which are rolled into the beaten egg and bead crumbs. After that fry the meatballs in warmed oil for 2-3 minutes on each side, withdrawn, arranged in a plate and garnish with olive sauce.